Hays County Commissioners Slated To Discuss Professional Services Agreement Regarding Capes Dam

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Hays County Commissioners are slated to discuss and take possible action on a Professional Services Agreement tomorrow at their regular meeting.

Commissioners could potentially approve a professional services agreement between Hays County and Vista Planning and Design related to a proposal for the preservation of Capes Dam.

According to the agenda, the Hays County Historical Commission has expressed interest in assisting the creation of a conceptual master plan for the San Marcos River Capes Dam Preservation Project.

The agenda states the proposal has “time in support of other illustrations that depict historical and ecological significance as well as economic and recreational importance.”

The process that will be followed to develop the master plan will help the county with applications for future potential grants and other funding sources.

According to the agenda, the funds needed for the contract have been identified in the Historical Commission general fund operating budget.

The contract will be in the amount of $5,187.50.

Hays County has been in discussions with the City of San Marcos in the hopes of taking over responsibility to ensure the dam is protected.

On January 15, 2019, the San Marcos City Council received legal advice from the city attorney regarding disposition of park property at Capes Camp during their executive session.

Hays County Commissioners meet at 9 AM in the Historic Hays County Courthouse in downtown San Marcos.


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