Hays County Sheriff’s Office Issues Scam Alert

The Hays County Sheriff’s Office has recently received reports of several phone scams happening around the county in which residents are calling about pending arrest warrants.

According to officials, the calls are purportedly coming from both the Hays County Sheriff’s Office and the San Marcos Police Department. The callers stated the recipient must pay a fine or fee to clear the warrant.

Some scammers are using a technique called “spoofing” which can display a legitimate phone number, such as the Sheriff’s Office phone number, to residents’ caller ID.

The scammers often use the names of real Hays County deputies and San Marcos police officers to sound more legitimate, officials said. 

Law enforcement is asking residents to please know that this is a scam. The Hays County Sheriff’s Office nor the Hays County Courts will ever ask for money via phone regarding warrants of any kind.

Warrants are taken care of through the court system. If a resident receives a call of this nature, law enforcement officials said they should terminate the call immediately.

They can also call the Sheriff’s Office on their non-emergency phone number at 512-393-7896 to verify that any information they received is true.

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