HCSO Warning Motorists Not To Drive, What To Do If Stranded

The Hays County Sheriff’s Office and local first responders are pleading with the citizens of Hays County to NOT DRIVE during this weather event.

They are receiving reports of stranded motorists who cannot be reached by either fire, EMS, or deputies due to the hazardous roadways.

Every effort is being made to reach the motorists but, in some cases, it may be impossible due to the ice on the roadway.

If you must drive due to extenuating circumstances and become stranded, Hays County dispatch will be asking the following questions:

• What is your vehicle description?
• How many occupants are with you?
• How much gas does your vehicle have?
• Do you have access to a cell phone charger?

They will dispatch first responders to you but there is no guarantee that they can reach you.

If you choose to abandon your vehicle, try to get it off the roadway as best as possible and remove all your personal belongings. Call dispatch back to let them know that you are leaving your vehicle. Do not ask dispatch whether you should abandon your vehicle. The decision must be made by you.

Please do not drive until the conditions have been deemed safe.

Continue monitoring local media, the Hays County Sheriff’s App, or the Hays Informed website for updates.

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