In Our Opinion: Our Nation Is Embraced In Civil Unrest And Anarchism

A tip of our hat to the Gettysburg Address

Listen now, Twelve score and five years; hence our nation is embraced in civil unrest and anarchism.

Many of our people have forgotten the principal idea which founded our liberty, ‘that all men are created equal’ we have shamed those who gave their last breath so that our children may exist with the freedom to speak, worship and pursue happiness.

We have allowed the government to enact law’s amongst us without our consent. To pillage our tithing to the benefit other nations while ignoring the suffrage of our young & decrepitude.

There are factions amongst us that doubt our cause is still noble, nor was ever great or that we all will answer to a higher lord for our sins of morality. We passively listen to their increased ‘ideation’ with rhetorical volume, because we have not instilled in our legacy the convictions of our founding forefathers.

We compete now on a world stage, both mightily and mentally.

We endeavor to reach into the stars and beyond. If we neglect the simple principles to judge a man by the content of his character and hold each accountable for his actions, we will have no virtue to bring to this new universe.

At one point in the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln says: “We here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain, that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

We, as a United Country, must cast aside our prejudices by reasserting our commitment to this ideology.

I individually but not alone commit to preserving our legacy and honor those souls who established our sovereignty as heroes but as men and accept the indignation of their infirmity and my own.

Their feats and memorials shall forever be cast in truth history with the blessings of our creator.

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  1. Thanks to spineless “conservatives” everywhere.

    There is no leadership, no one in charge. In Trump we have perhaps the weakest President in history, mouthy, preening, ineffectual, much talk and no action. He did nothing while the rioters looted, burned, and vandalized, then disengaged himself from the pandemic, leaving decisions to the states. Much cawing and gaudy feathers, but no bird inside.

    And BLM wants to go into the suburbs to get those who disagree with them. God help us. Then it will well and truly blow. BLM doesn’t know how many “disagreeables” are sick of the chaos and destruction, sick of BLM. They quietly say, “Bring it on. Let’s settle it.”

    Yet while these undercurrents grow, the media will chirp and lecture and say virtuous things, until BOOM.
    No one is in charge. No one will tell the rioters “No” and make it stick. Nothing holds the country together. There is no social glue, no dominant culture. We have no shared history, language, dialect, ethnicity, or religion. Diversity turns the country into rubble.
    It’s Gonna Blow —Short of a miracle.

  2. IGB,

    Let’s have a conversation; I don’t believe it’s fair you laying this on ‘conservatives,’ taking issue with our President, would lead one to believe you don’t understand the limitations of his office. Ultimately, it is not his issue or the 46th’s issue to fix.

    Simply, we allowed it to get this way. We listened to a skewed Media and were sold false propaganda without questions and sat on our buttons. As much as I despise BLM’s actions, they do have a point and a right to voice it PEACEFULLY. I agree with you. WE need to tell the rioters NO and make it STICK. Call your DA, call your city Council, and tell them so and next time vote accordingly.

    Lastly, the common ’GLUE’ that binds us is our diversity; it builds our CHARACTER because we are not all alike we are stronger when we use our intellect to merge and understand our differences.

    PS. I will put my real name on this comment.


    1. He’s a troll. He changes his name every single post. Its always something ridiculous. He’s been Bruce Jenner, Tyler Durden, and at least a couple other names.

      Just ignore him and maybe he’ll lose interest.

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