Isaac Raises $100,000 In Contributions In State Representative District 45 Race

Isaac Raises $100,000 In Contributions In State Representative District 45 Race

AUSTIN — Carrie Isaac, Republican candidate for Texas House District 45, announced her campaign raised more than $100,000 by the June fundraising deadline. Isaac outraised all other Republican candidates and the Democratic incumbent combined.

“Hays and Blanco counties are currently represented by a Bernie Sanders socialist — the sixth most liberal member of the Texas House — and we won’t stand for our values being dismissed any longer,” said Isaac. “This fundraising report sends a clear message that I’m the best, most equipped candidate to win the general election in November and give limited government and traditional values a voice again.”

Campaign finance reports were due to the Texas Ethics Commission July 15. Isaac’s campaign reported $102,558.21 in contributions from more than 350 donors. 

“I’m grateful for the outpouring of support from my friends, neighbors, and supporters during this critical time for Texas,” Isaac continued.

Isaac, wife of Former Texas House District 45 Representative Jason Isaac, announced in April that she would be running for House District 45 in 2020.

According to her website, Isaac’s main issues will be property taxes, education, the Texas Border, Jobs and Growth, protecting the unborn and the second amendment.

“I’m running for State Representative to keep Texas as a shining beacon of liberty, economic growth, and prosperity,” Isaac said. “I’ll work to get soaring property taxes under control, secure the border, protect the unborn, improve our public education system, and eliminate frivolous regulations to help Texas’ businesses thrive.”

Isaac is a fourth-generation Texan, who resides in Dripping Springs. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the Digital Education and Work Initiative of Texas, which helps disabled veterans and others facing barriers to employment find meaningful, digitally accessible work.

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  1. Wow, An Alternative...I'll Vote For That!

    The biggest lie the devil ever told was ….wait a minute–I think Isaac’s opponent already told it.

    I mean, her opponent is soo far out there, that she’s got the devil taking notes. While Zwiener is bisexual, she is married to a male, and they are raising a child born to them last year while Zwiener was running for office, presenting a traditional family tableau. However, upon being elected one of Zwiener’s first moves was in creating the first LBJQT Lobby in the Texas House and thereafter killing the “Save Chick-fil-A” bill, which would have prevented governmental entities from taking “adverse action” against people or businesses based on membership in, or support for, a religious organization which just happened/i> to offend her own sexual beliefs and practices.

    So if you’re okay with getting punished for your own beliefs, Zwiener is all for you.


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