Kyle Police Stop Burglary In Progress At Target

Kyle Police Stop Burglary In Progress At Target

KYLE, TX – Kyle police responded to the Target Department Store in Kyle when overnight video monitoring reported a male subject was actively burglarizing the store. 

Officers entered the store to find the suspect, Dustin Ammons (37), making a “poor attempt” to hide behind a rack in the shoe department according to Kyle officials. The subject was arrested without incident. 

A little over $25,000 worth of merchandise was recovered at the scene. 

Video obtained from store surveillance showed the subject as he smashed electronics cases and loaded duffel bags with items. The suspect had cut a hole in the roof and entered “Mission Impossible” style, with rope, a harness and a grappling hook.

?Kyle Police Chief Jeff Barnett said Ammons was equipped with a two-way radio with an earpiece and admitted he was communicating with a getaway driver, but he refused to identify that party. Police are still looking for the driver of the getaway car, Barnett said.

Ammons was charged with Burglary of Building and Felony Criminal Mischief and booked into the Hays County Jail.? 

Anyone with information regarding this crime, including the identity of anyone else involved, is asked to call the Kyle Police Department at 512.268.3232.   


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