Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays From Our Family To Yours

Terra Rivers | Managing Editor

When 2020 started in January, I don’t think anyone was expecting the twists and turns that would crop up along the way. It might be just me, but this year feels like it’s been one terrible, long day.

The last time I looked it was March, and the first lockdown order had been issued in Travis and Hays County.

But it’s true. It’s Christmas. We’ve had nine months of a pandemic or one really long nightmare.

No, it’s definitely Christmas. And I know that mostly because the house on the block that has Christmas lights up all year long isn’t the only one with them lit at night.

Also, I spent three hours frosting Christmas themed sugar cookies. You’d think sixty Christmas cookies wouldn’t be a daunting task to frost.

This year has definitely been a whirlwind of firsts, and I still forget sometimes to grab a mask on my way out the door.

Many families will spend the holidays separate relying on technology to keep them connected, and others may be waving and celebrating with family through the front windows.

But perhaps some new traditions will be born through the pandemic.

While there may not be a Christmas or New Years’ holiday party this year, our neighbors have found a way to stay connected and celebrate by sharing handmade snacks from hot chocolate spoons to frosted sugar cookies from scratch and chocolate covered pretzels.

We even received a box of Christmas ‘Crack,’ Chex cereal with a glaze of marshmallows and coconut shavings.

Trust me, Christmas ‘Crack’ is an accurate name; it’s addictive, and I don’t even like Marshmallows.

Kids may not be able to make cookies for Santa with Grandma this year in person, but they can always deliver them to grandma and grandpa as a Christmas treat or create homemade Christmas cards.

I personally cannot wait to say goodbye to 2020; with the new vaccine out, my hope is that 2021 will be the light at the end of the tunnel.


While COVID may physically separate families, love, laughter, and memories can keep families connected and the holidays bright.

Corridor News is blessed to be a part of and serve such a vibrant and diverse community. We want to thank the clients, like La Cima, who have stuck it out through this hard year, and to our readers who are the inspiration behind what we do every day.

This holiday season will be harder than most as we are reminded of those who are no longer with us and the anxiety, fear, and loneliness we’ve suffered as a community.

It may not be the holiday season we are used to, but that’s all the more reason to treat yourself to an extra Christmas cookie, open a bottle of something festive, and indulge in a chocolate-covered pretzel or two.

After nine months of a pandemic, I think we’ve all earned some spiked eggnog.


~ Terra Rivers 

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  1. “Kids may not be able to make cookies for Santa with Grandma this year…” — Mine did. No casualties thus far. I suspect it will stay that way.

    Funny thing is, if you get away from the major metro areas, nobody cares about masks. Crossed the Texas border and there wasn’t even a sign. Patrons freely browsed the gas station aisles. The girl behind the Baskin-Robins case didn’t wear one either. Life went on. Stayed for the night in a city, signs everywhere. Had to pretend to care and hold my mask up as we walked the 30 feet to our table for diner. Then the cycle repeated.

    Country don’t care. Cities do. Its all political ideology. The Science is a religion. Masks are the inquisitor.

  2. “Austin Could Move into a State of Emergency…” Spectrum News reports.

    Umm… I thought they claimed the last 10 months have been one perpetual emergency. I thought that was how they justified the Constitutionally dubious power grab.

    Stop masking up. They can’t defend their restrictions. You’re just volunteering.

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