New Year New Fee Increases On Tuesday’s SM City Council Agenda

On tomorrows agenda, the council will be voting whether to hike Development fees….Don’t agree with this item too fast, it could hit your pocketbook too.

On this week’s San Marcos City Council Agenda (read agenda here), Item 19 “Ord. 2017-05” the council will be looking at raising the fees for the Permit Department, Development Division.

Page one of the PDF below, the City of San Marcos has compared themselves with other Texas cities that are close in population. In this comparisons report, the City of San Marcos has the lowest population, but has the highest permitting/platting/development fees overall than their comparisons.

Page one is the “2016 Fee Research Comparable Cities Summary”  

  • Round Rock – Population 109,821
  • New Braunfels – Population 63,279
  • College Station – Population 100,050
  • Georgetown – Population 54,898
  • Denton – Population 123,099
  • Cedar Park – Population 61,238 and 
  • San Marcos – Population – 54,076

Page two and three the city listed four different categories;

Column 1: Project Type

Column 2: Current Fee Schedule

° Base Fee

° Sample Permit Fee

° Recovery Percentage 

Column 3: Proposed Fee Changes

° Base Fee

° Sample Permit Fee

° Recovery Percentage 

Column 4: Summary Column

° Average Comparable City Cost

° Estimated Staff Hours

° Total Cost to Preform Service (includes benefits and overhead)

° Total Yearly Revenue (How much revenue the city will stand to make off all           these new fees.)


The fees that the city council will be reviewing at their regular Tuesday meeting, are not just for new developments, these could hit all city residents.

Need or want to widen your driveway? Need a new roof? Do you need a variance, a License to Encroach or a plat done and approved because someone made a mistake on your property? Do you need a Flood Plain Permit?

Does your business need a new sign? Are you thinking about putting in a new sprinkler system at your business because you know it will save water?


You can print, email, download or magnify the PDF document below.

[gview file=””] 


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