Op-Ed: A pathetic pattern: Biden’s coronavirus evasion is nothing new

When President Joe Biden told the nation’s governors “there is no federal solution” to COVID-19, it took many by surprise. After all, the cornerstone of his campaign hinged on his claim that he would defeat the pandemic if only we would elect him. When his predecessor suggested “maybe states should also look into acquiring equipment to help fight COVID,” Biden and his allies erupted with outrage.

My how the tables have turned. As we approach the one-year mark of the Biden presidency, this type of double talk is becoming far too commonplace. It is just “Joe being Joe.”

His formula is simple: when the results are good, take credit. When they’re bad, it’s not his fault. We need to look no further than Biden’s awkward dance with his energy failures over the past 11 months.

Within the first 48 hours after he stepped into office, President Biden canceled the Keystone pipeline and placed an illegal moratorium on oil and gas production on federal lands. The move instantly killed 11,000 American jobs, but Biden didn’t care since the price of gas he inherited from the last administration was $2.37 a gallon.

Fast forward to the spring and summer of 2021 and as gas prices skyrocketed over 30%, Biden had to try and reverse his failure. His first response was to beg countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia to produce more oil. This maneuver was not only pathetic in the weakness it projected, but also tragic because it proved President Biden destroyed American energy independence in less than six months.

Pleading with our enemies for more oil didn’t work and as gas prices continued to rise Biden needed a new strategy, so he settled on evasion. By October, Biden was suddenly telling the public there was nothing he could do to help high gas prices. Putting aside that the massive number of executive orders and actions targeting domestic energy, the president now needed us to believe he wasn’t responsible for high gas prices.

Biden abdicated responsibility for his energy decisions, and with the help of a dutiful chorus of support from media sycophants, Team Biden settled on its “winning” message: When gas prices are bad, it’s not Biden’s fault. However, when the out-of-touch administration believes it can spike the football, it will not hesitate to give Biden all the credit.

You might remember when the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee rejoiced, and loudly thanked Joe Biden, for a 2 cent drop in gas prices. No, not 2 percent, but 2 cents. Less than a month later, Biden’s press secretary boldly proclaimed they had “saved Christmas” from their self-created supply chain issues. It seems the last month of 2021 is the right time for Team Biden to celebrate all of his “success” after first claiming there wasn’t much he could do. Make no mistake, they’ll do the same with COVID.

Shortly after washing his government’s hands of responsibility, the President strolled to Marine One for his 31st trip to Delaware this year. Step one of his plan to dodge responsibility is complete, now all he has to do is relax and hope no one will hold him to account.

Make no mistake: if there is good news in the future, Joe Biden will be quick to take the credit. The pathetic pattern is now their pathetic plan.

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  1. A hoax has no specific solution, as by nature it is a fantasy,
    However, a hoax can have a purpose. And to that end, the author here
    would have us buy into the hoax for purposes of presenting ‘the other side’ of an
    alleged argument that simply perpetuates belief in the hoax itself.

    oh yeah, it’s shocking how the author of this article has caught Mr. Biden lying and
    walking away from his promises to protect us from the ‘dangers’ of the COVID hoax.
    After having crushed every Mom and Pop business in America. Who could have known?

    I think that no one at the bottom of their spine doesn’t have a feeling this vaccine
    is very, very wrong. Mind you, without this vaccine, the survival rate is only 99.985
    percent. With the CDC now admitting that 75% of those admitted into hospitals were
    already suffering from comorbidities, It’s obvious now, it’s undeniable, yet no one is
    doing anything. Everyone is discounting their own judgment, and dismissing their intuition.
    Of course, the flu for the last two years has mysteriously vanished. “Due to the face masks.”

    Pfizer maintains that a fourth booster shot will be required for those who haven’t yet died
    from the first three. Fauci stated “Certainly, when you want to talk about what optimal
    protection is, I don’t think anybody would argue that optimal protection is going to be
    with a third shot. Appearing on CNBC, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on December 9, 2021
    said “I think we will need a fourth dose.”

    Sad, the only thing the unvaccinated and the vaccinated will ever have in common,
    is that neither will ever be fully vaccinated.

  2. First the obligatory: The COVIDs (plural) are not a hoax. The viruses (plural) are real. What isn’t real is the damage done. I’ve been saying it for two years now. Nearly no one dies from COVID-19 (any version).

    Let’s look at the facts that have been presented. In September of 2020 reports started surfacing that on average Rona-related fatalities displayed 2.6 comorbidities. This implies that the real number of compounding issues is higher since some will go undetected. Additionally, last week Michelle Walensky said that more than 75% of Rona-related fatalities had at least four comorbidities. They were “unwell to begin with.”

    How do we make sense of these numbers? First, we know that 2.6 number is garbage. As assumed, it is higher. It is over three. Don’t believe me, apply some brain power. How far? We don’t know yet. It’s time for a bit of dangerous math and bad assumptions.

    We can assume the distribution of comorbidities follows a normal curve. It doesn’t but we don’t have access to all the data. So, I’m fudging it. We know the lower limit of the distribution. You can’t have fewer than zero. Secondly, we can infer a positive skewness that drags the mean to the right of the median and mode. Unfortunately, we do not have an upper limit and lack a complete picture. So WAG, if you have over 10 or more comorbidities, you are probably dead.

    This known lower bound and assumed upper limit returns us to a reasonably normal looking curve. For this curve the median is at six (5.5 but can’t be half sick) comorbidities with a deviation of two. This statistical fudgery reaffirms the thought that nearly no one dies FROM Rona. As the CDC Director put it “these are people who were unwell to begin with.”

    The cure is clearly worse than the disease. The COVIDs are real, but the damage done is not. We need to get on with our lives. I encourage everyone to take steps to improve their health. That means getting out and enjoying what this world has to offer. Socialize with friends. Exercise. Ditch the mask, clear the lungs, and Breath Free. I bet you feel better.

    — Robert Holeman

    1. “The COVIDS are not a hoax.” Indeed?
      COVID has a valid identification and it was just driving the car, and was not responsible
      for ‘pulling the trigger’ and causing all those people to get injected with a gene altering
      vaccine which under the circumstance of this hoax, does NOT protect you from the virus.

      The inventor of the mRNA COVID vaccine, Dr. Robert Malone, has now been banned from
      Twitter and Linked-In after claiming that due to the innapropriate use of this vacccine under
      the circumstances of this hoax, that “you are now watching the mass murder of millions.”
      In fact the numbers are now showing those obtaining the highest exposure to the vaccine,
      e.g.: 2nd, 3rd and 4th dose, are those at highest risk for initial infection or relapse of infection.
      My brother in law as a physician is presently reeling from a sharp intake of soft tissue cancer
      patients on the same curve of those who were swept away by fear and vaccine frenzy of this
      legitimate ‘damage-free’ virus in it’s role as driver of vehicle of mass murder. The body count
      has only begun. Jabbed athletes falling over with arhythmia = blood clots = strokes is a real tell.

      There is all the difference in the world between saying somehting and having something to say.
      Your need to vindicate the ‘legitimate identity” of this ‘harmless virus’ to me, appeals more to
      your motivation held for saying and being something under pretext of ‘being fair.’
      The COVID virus is a hoax and accomplice to systemic murder, top to bottom,
      Your response and ‘contribution’ above that merely plagiarizes internet doctrines of
      “Skewness the Mean, Median, and Mode” and does not enlighten or engage–it confuses all.

      For these reasons the COVID hoax withholds your objectivity, not your ability.

      1. Are we on Jerry Springer? Did a bell ring? Can we set emotion aside and start focusing on facts that can help unscrew this mess? You’re fighting over semantics. Stop it.

        Let’s find a common ground and start working together. It starts with a recognition that we agree, “The cure is clearly worse than the disease.”

        — Robert Holeman

  3. As of yesterday, the World Health Organization officially stopped pushing the Covid vaccine boosters within a press statement in which one line stands out:
    a vaccination strategy based on repeated booster doses of the original vaccine composition is unlikely to be appropriate or sustainable.
    . . .and which goes on to say that future vaccines against Covid must “be more effective in protection against infection thus lowering community transmission.

    Simply put, public’s discovery of the harmless vaccine hoax now means Plan B :

    Incomng. Peter Hotez, namely the same ‘scientist’ who said that criticizing Fauci and government
    authorities should be a federal hate crime, has set up camp in Texas at Baylor university and is developing
    a patent-free vaccine for the “COVID” that allegedly won’t mess with people’s genetics.
    He calls it The Corbevax, or “the world’s Covid-19 vaccine”. Listening?

    Background. The Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines currently employ a
    technology or vaccine “platform” that uses RNA (mRNA) genetic technology. (A practice that has
    been publicly denounced by the inventor of that mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone). This platform
    introduces the immune system to Covid-19 by delivering genetic instructions on how to produce
    the most recognizable feature of the COVID, through spike proteins acting to coat the surface of the
    immune system and which allegedly help it recognize and fight the virus later, if a person is exposed.
    The Johnson & Johnson vaccine uses that same mRNA platform to introduce COVID immune cells to the
    spike protein by means of a cold virus, through a technology called “viral vector”.

    The “New”The Corbevax vaccine uses a different platform which places an actual piece
    of Covid-19’s spike protein in yeast cells and then copies the protein and introduces the protein to the
    immune system. This new process “makes the protein, directly and synthetically, in the lab using the
    yeast system,” causing “the yeast to make a protein that looks just like a protein that is made by the
    [COVID] virus…Therefore, you don’t ask your body to do any major manipulation of the [genetic coding.”

    The above statement continues beating the drum in support of the COVID hoax, yet in the same breath
    admits that the inventor of mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone, was correct in speaking out against
    the use of his technology for purposes of altering a person’s genetics, and for having said “you are watching
    the mass murder of millions.” However, for having made that statement Malone was banned by Twitter
    and Linked-In, in addition to being demonized by the main stream media.

    Not to worry. Because the COVID is harmless, there is no harm attached to this hoax.
    Hence because the shots were the mRNA vax, you and your children will need some more shots
    and the government promises these shots may not alter your new genetics.

    It’s all in America because we are Democracy and that’s what we fight to defend, n’est pas?

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