Op-Ed: Society’s need for equal respect to maintain a civility

By Angie Pereira

Well, I might as well start ruffling some feathers since I am awake and have coffee in hand, so here goes…

Critical race theory, racism, socio-economics, the new “equity” push, political strife, sex/genders/identities… we are being played!

It truly is that simple. Look at yourself sitting there – a pawn on a chessboard with the high elite looking down and carefully selecting which piece to play and strategizing on what move to make that can take out another piece standing in their way.

The side of good is constantly fighting to keep enough players on the board to survive, but the side of evil is cunning. 

We are being deceived into hating one another.

We, collectively, are being brainwashed into believing the truest you are a victim of something and if you cannot find your victimhood, then you must be the oppressor.

You cannot have a mindset of living life getting along and appreciating our differences. You cannot live with a live and live mentality. You must succumb to what is being narrated to you or you ARE the problem. 

I grew up not really thinking about people as a label of any kind, except maybe nice or mean. I have always been rather extroverted and my parents would tell you I have never met a stranger.

I will talk to and enjoy the company of anyone, as long as they are respectful. I do not take issue with friendly debates on topics. I do not demand you agree with me.

I simply demand equal respect for one another. Did you “hear” that – EQUAL RESPECT. 

Imagine if that is how we live every day of our lives, with equal respect for one another, it could be so beautiful. I told my husband when we met, and I think it was on my profile, I only look for one thing from in a man (or a friend, etc.) – R.E.S.P.E.C.T., because with respect EVERYTHING else follows.

If you respect someone, love, loyalty, faithfulness, consideration and the gamut of other positive attributes of relationships will be present. 

Why can’t we get this?  Why is this some kind of foreign concept to us to the point of choosing exclusion, division, and hate over it?

Not every white person is racist, regardless of what the narrative push is.

Not every black person is a criminal or on welfare.

Not every man is a misogynist.

Not every heterosexual is a “_____phobe” against LGBTQ.

Every person is an individual. Stop seeing their exterior as a label – I do not have a label on my forehead that says, “As Seen On TV….”. The narrative being pushed is one of hate and division. It is a suppressive, even oppressive, tactic being used to create chaos in the lower ranks of society.

Do you see the elites in politics and Hollywood or music suffering? Heck no! They get on TV or online spout off some BS lines of this or that to fit with the narrative to keep them elite and us fighting. It truly is a US vs. THEM society. Our collectivism in unity threatens their way of life and relevance.

Well, I don’t know about you, but labels are for boxes, not people, and it is time we remove the labels and work towards a collective mentality of EQUAL RESPECT for one another, and if we must label, we label the good and the bad “actors” in our society seeking to destroy the nature of a free society where we live together sharing our differences and appreciating our differences and learning from one another in positive ways.

This false narrative of “equity” is not the same as equality. We need EQUAL RESPECT to drive every aspect of our lives.

The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the view of Corridor News.

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