Op-Ed: With all past crises our government never went brain dead…until now

COVID-19 straight from China. We get a lot of stuff from China and they get a lot of US dollars.

COVID is a nasty flu and if you catch it you will be quite sick.

The survival rate is approximately 99 percent. The mortality rate in the U.S, for the last 20 months is about 1 percent of the total population. Most of the ones who succumb to COVID are of poor health or advanced age.

Death occurs more in areas of congested places like assisted nursing homes. Also prisons and jails. Don’t include schools because the young are not very susceptible to COVID.

We have a flu season every year and COVID mortality is only double or so. This country has survived many health crises, smallpox, diphtheria, polio, and many plagues.

With all of the mentioned crises, our government never went brain dead and locked up the population and crippled nations commerce, like it is now.

It is a fact that catching COVID in the outdoors is very nil.

I have witnessed people sitting on their front porch wearing a mask. A single bike rider down a country lane and a woman alone driving a car with the windows up wearing a mask.

I always thought that sheep were the dumbest animals.

COVID is just an excuse for the left wing party executives to become dictators by using mandates.

Mandates are to be used in times of war, natural disasters, and financial catastrophe. The flu shots are a good idea and seem to be about 90 percent effective.

But to force the entire population to be vaccinated to remain a first class citizen is to blatantly deny us our constitutional freedom…Period.

We are in the midst of a health crisis, caused by COVID-19. We have a pandemic created by a brain dead government.

Vern Jewett

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