UPDATED Two Videos Included: Organized Election Fraud Scheme Exposed In Bexar County

"I'm getting the Biden vote out, but I mean, I'm not going to do it for free. Some Texas Republicans are secretly working for Democrats..."


The Texas Attorney General announced late yesterday that his office is investigating an organized election fraud scheme exposed in today’s Project Veritas video that is already under review by investigators from his Election Fraud Unit.

According to the video below, Project Veritas offered Raquel Rodriguez, a consultant for US House Candidate Mauro Garza (R), $500 who agreed to spend the day with them.

“I’m getting the Biden vote out, but I mean, I’m not going to do it for free. Some Texas Republicans are secretly working for Democrats,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez explains that she is helping people change already completed and signed ballots, giving seniors gifts, buying buckets of beer, shawls, diabetic socks, wallets, rosaries, lottery tickets, bingo, supply stamps, etc. and taking the ballots to the post office and mailing them herself…all of which is against state law.

Rodriguez admits to pressuring seniors, Asians, and the LGBTQ community to change their ballots, even getting baptized to build trust within these communities, and admits that elections are rigged.








“What’s shown in the video is shocking and should alarm all Texans who care about election integrity. We are aggressively investigating the serious allegations and potential crimes that Project Veritas’s documentary audio and video recordings shed light on today. My office is fiercely committed to ensuring that the voting process is secure and fair in all Texas elections—a process that this video, unfortunately, casts a shadow of doubt on. Election integrity has been a top priority of mine since I first took office in 2015. Anyone who attempts to defraud the people of Texas, deprive them of their vote, or undermine the integrity of elections will be brought to justice and penalized to the fullest extent of the law.”Attorney General Paxton

Individuals involved with or aware of the alleged election fraud shown in the recording are encouraged to come forward and cooperate with the Office of the Attorney General.

To report a possible voting rights abuse to the Secretary of State (1.800.252.8683) or to your local election official.

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  1. Nothings going to happen to this person or anybody else that is doing this criminal activity. This is the United States we live in today. Politicians like Biden and his son commit obvious crimes and the mainstream media won’t cover it. Now we have obvious fraudulent votes that have already been counted and nothing will be done to throw out these votes.

    1. How is it that those who screamed corruption for the last 4 years can now commit voter fraud with no repercussions

      1. Barbara (above) asks “How is it that those who screamed corruption for the last 4 years can now commit voter fraud with no repercussions”

        Because there is no FEAR of the unknown held by your masters, Barbara. No one around who will actually pick up a pitchfork and charge the Bastille aka the Ruling Elite. Nor one who would even run to the aid of another seen doing that. Oh but plenty of pot-bellied, indolent, pre-diabetic losers galore who drive big pickup trucks and talk big in the safety of their VFW shrine where you can find them spouting “moral rationalizations” which they hide behind in order mask their weaknesses (selfishness, indolence, cowardice) as a conquered people, “muh paycheck.” Talk and more talk, but under pressure they would fold like cheap suitcases

        56+ years of selfishness and do-nothing, know-nothing politics has come home to roost. I am the “boomer” generation and mostly despise all of them for their “I’ve got mine” mentality. For want of real men who will pay the costs of maintaining a system, rather than simply feed off of it, the enemy now has no fear of consequences.

        So Barbara, if a new president is elected under the circumstances of your complaint, will those that you believe could change the outcome just go away gently into that good night? Yes. Never rely on what a man tells you; watch what he does. Oh, and BTW with no disrespect intended, Barbara, our once-upon-a-time world in fact was created by the strength, blood and moral courage of real men, and only real men can restore it. In a world where cucks now serve the purpose of pleasing the modern female, it’s no wonder most women now believe they could have done a better job.

  2. re: “Nothings going to happen to this person or anybody else that is doing this criminal activity.”

    …you haven’t heard? “Nothing” IS a judicial function defined under the Tex. Gov Code., and
    so when they say “nothings going to happen” they really mean “nothings really going to happen”

    Capisce? Nothing really IS going to stop them now !!

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