Price Center Closing Tea Room, Looking For Outside Vendor

Since opening in 2001, the Price Center’s Tea Room operation has been an integral component of the unique, downtown performance and cultural center operated by the Greater San Marcos Area Seniors Association (GSMASA). Citing a decline in steady diners and fewer catering events, the GSMASA board of directors recently decided the temporarily closure of the Tea Room to provide an opportunity to retool the operation to better fit the changing needs of the growing downtown San Marcos community.
“This was a difficult decision for us,” said Clay DeStefano, executive director of the Price Center. “We didn’t want a break in service to our loyal customers; however, we feel doing so will give us the best opportunity to find the right partner for dining and catering services at the Price Center.”
The Board is inviting proposals from area restaurateurs to assume the operation of the facility.  A successfully run restaurant establishment provides a steady stream of revenue to help run the Price Center and its programs via a commission from sales paid to the GSMASA. 
The dining room has been open for lunch 4 days a week and available for catering and special events from small meetings to larger gatherings and milestone celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. The goal for the future operation is to continue providing a similar service while growing other dining and catering opportunities.
The Price Center is a unique community center developed in the early 2000s by Ron and Marie Jager. The facility is housed in the historic home of First Christian Church in downtown San Marcos and includes the original 1893 church, another sanctuary constructed in 1910, and dining and catering facilities along with several additional meeting and gathering venues located in the renovated 2-story, 1950s addition . The Center was recognized by the Texas Downtown Association in 2004 as the “Best Adaptive Reuse Project” in the entire state of Texas.
“The growth and current focus on downtown San Marcos is a perfect opportunity for the right food establishment to put down roots at the Price Center,” adds DeStefano. “We look forward to seeing what our request for proposals produces.”
All interested parties are asked to contact the Price Center to share their proposal for re-launching and running the downtown dining establishment. For more information about the Price Center, please visit , call (512) 392-2900 or email DeStefano directly at

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