Randy Rogers Buys Cheatham Street Warehouse

block-quote-verticle-purple-bar-7x100Country Music Star keeps Kent Finlay’s legacy alive by purchasing San Marcos Cheatham Street Warehouse.

Cheatham Street Warehouse was purchased earlier this month by country musician, Randy Rogers.

Wednesday Nights at the Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos is filled with music. The stage has helped launch the careers of several country stars including Rogers, Stevie Ray Vaughan and George Strait.

The venue was founded and operated by Kent Finlay since 1974. Finlay died in 2015 leaving the fate of the Cheatham Street Warehouse unknown for many of its patrons.

The city of San Marcos requires all bars to close at midnight on Wednesdays. According to the Cheatham Street Warehouse website, patrons would give up their beers at midnight and stay long after closing to listen to musicians play.

Rogers said his goal is to ensure other songwriters and musicians can get the same butterflies he did when standing on the Cheatham Street stage.


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