San Marcos Mayor Meeting With Gov. Abbott On SB 18, And Other Special Session Bills

Sen. Craig Estes‘ Senate Bill 18 the state could limit “local government municipalities” spending would be tied to the states population and the rate of monetary inflation.

San Marcos Mayor, John Thomaides, along with the Mayors of Galveston and Corpus Christi, have been invited to meet with Gov. Greg Abbott later today.

According to the City of San Marcos Communications Director, Kristi Wyatt, “Last week San Marcos Mayor signed a letter along with 18 other Texas mayors to request a meeting with Gov. Greg Abbott on proposals announced as part of the call for the 85th Special Legislative Session that will directly impede the ability of Texas cities to provide vital services that reflect the priorities of local residents.”

“The letter expressed that the meeting would focus on how the state and municipalities can work together to ensure a productive partnership for Texas,” said Wyatt.

On July 17, the mayors of 18 of the state’s largest cities requested a meeting with Gov. Greg Abbott to discuss the governor’s concerns about cities and “how we can work together to ensure a productive partnership for Texas.”

“We would like the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the role cities play in attracting jobs and investments to support the prosperity of the State of Texas,” the letter states.

The letter was signed by the mayors of Amarillo, Arlington, Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Denton, El Paso, Fort Worth, Frisco, Galveston, Houston, Irving, Lubbock, McKinney, Plano, San Antonio, San Marcos and Sugar Land. [Read full letter]

Last Saturday, state senators were given a second chance to visit the “voter approval of city and county property tax rates legislation,” one of the Gov. Greg Abbott’s special session priorities. 

A related item that was not covered during the regular session would allow the State of Texas to place “a limit on local government expenditures.”

Sen. Craig Estes‘ Senate Bill 18, would allow the state to limit “local government municipalities” spending and would be tied to the states population and the rate of monetary inflation. View more on this story HERE.

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