San Marcos Animal Shelter Desperately Seeks Forever Homes For 34 Dogs & Puppies

San Marcos Animal Shelter Desperately Seeks Forever Homes For 34 Dogs & Puppies

Staff Reports

The San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter is asking residents for help in opening up dog kennels by finding pups forever homes.

Due to an ongoing panleukopenia outbreak at the shelter, staff needed to retrofit approximately 28 dog kennels into quarantine spaces for the shelter’s cats. The shelter is reaching out to the community to help 33 dogs find their forever homes.

Feline Panleukopenia is a highly contagious viral disease of cats caused by the feline parvovirus. Kittens are most severely affected by the virus.

The shelter has lost 44 kittens and 9 adult cats to the virus already and is doing everything in their power to protect the remaining 50 felines at risk. However, the shelter is also looking to protect the shelter’s canine population.

Karaoke Machine 112257. Female, 4 years, 80 pounds, altered. Volunteers report that she’s calm, sweet, not reactive to other dogs, and loves to be pet!


Disco 112211. Male, 1 year, 15 pounds, altered. Owner surrender for consistently biting members of the household, including children. From what we have seen, Disco can be very wary of new people and will snap if he gets startled. Note from staff who has been working very closely with him: “I started working with Disco yesterday and today I noticed that he was at the front of his cage and wagging his tail! I took him out for a walk and he was walking real good still a little afraid of my feet (walking). I brought him inside to do a close-up and he did great. He loves being petted he will look for your hand! Jibbs walked in and he didn’t bare his teeth and was sniffing and wagging his tail! He would come up and put his hands on my shoulder and get close to my head for hugs!! He knows how to sit shake and sit pretty! We can definitely get him adopted out from here at the shelter. I would ask to do a 2-day process to make sure the adopter gets to know the breed.”


Jimmy Chew 112274. Male, 7 years, 65 pounds, altered. HW+. Volunteers report that he is calm and walks well on leash!


Orville Redenbarker 112282. Male, 1 year, 40 pounds, altered. Volunteers report that he is energetic and very friendly!


Lola 112352. Female, 4 months, 8 pounds, unaltered.


Bo 112317. Male, 1 year, 55 pounds, unaltered. Owner surrender due to “moving.” Described as friendly, playful, and shy. Good with people, kids, cats, and other dogs. “Can be very shy but ultimately friendly, NOT aggressive at all.”


Hugo 111374. Male, 3 years, 55 pounds, altered. Does great on the leash, and has had positive interactions with cats!  


Bocephus 112062. Male, 3 years, 70 pounds, altered. HW+. Volunteers report that he is very calm, friendly, and a very happy guy!  


Buddy 112353. Male, 1 year, 65 pounds, altered.


Pearl 111756. Female, 3 years, 30 pounds, altered. Pearl is a very nervous dog!  


Willis 75565. Male, 7 years, 70 pounds, altered. Our new gentle giant! This poor guy was adopted from us almost 7 years ago and was brought back for routinely escaping and attacking the neighbors llamas. Owner surrender notes indicate that he is good with people, kids, big dogs, and cats. Notes also say that he has a potential ACL tear on his left knee, cataracts (which I could confirm in working with him), and is “territorial on his own property but friendly to all otherwise.” In my interactions with him he was a very calm, easygoing dog. OS notes describe him as a playful and friendly dog. We also tried him out with our demo dog and he did just fine (mostly preferred to do his own thing). His final OS notes say that “Willis is a good dog. He loves to play ball. He loves to nap in the sun, he plays with our younger dog & likes our cat. He is a lover but will bark at new people or new dogs at first. He is mostly a laid back dog but is afraid of thunder & fireworks, he becomes anxious.”


Bianca 111831. Female, 5 years, 40 pounds, altered.


Caesar 111998. Male, 3 years, 45 pounds, altered.


King 112094. Male, 2 years, 60 pounds, altered. HW+. Owner surrendered due to owners moving. Notes describe King as playful and friendly, but there are no notes concerning behaviors toward other animals or people. Volunteers report that he knows sit, is very friendly, and loves treats!


Precious 111883. Female, 2 years, 50 pounds, altered. Precious had a pretty big laceration on the top of her head when she was found, but we got her stitched up! Notes say that she loves to play in the water and that’s she’s a total “goofy hamdog.” Volunteers report that she’s energetic on leash and knows sit!


Trent 111527. Male, 3 years, 70 pounds, altered.


Oreo 112330. Female, 2 years, 50 pounds, altered.


Cupid 111014. Female, 1 year, 45 pounds, altered. She had a litter of puppies here at the shelter in January! Owner surrender because owner was moving. Notes describer her as “friendly and shy” and that she’s scared of men and children. “She can be nippy when she is scared, might even have some aggression but she has gone and done very well at dog parks.”


Angel 111913. Female, 2 years, 45 pounds, altered. What a GOOD girl! Very sweet, did well with older kids during a meet and greet. Loves to play fetch and will lie down to wait for attention.


Rascal 111959. Male, 7 years, 65 pounds, altered. Rascal seems to be a little hesitant of men, but has been great with just about everyone!


Mai 110496. Female, 3 years, 65 pounds, altered. HW+. Mai is our current longest-stay dog at the shelter. Mai is a very calm and collected girl, who regularly sleeps the day away in her kennel. Staff has reported that she has growled and lunged at one of our male cleaning assistants, but has otherwise been terrific with everyone she has met. We’re not sure how she does with other dogs but she has had positive interactions with kids.  


Dax 111373. Male, 4 years, 75 pounds, altered. Dax is one of our long-stay dogs at the shelter, which is very surprising given his laid-pack, patient, and easygoing demeanor. Dax goes on trips, runs, and river ventures almost daily, and our volunteers routinely report that he is the easiest dog they’ve ever worked with! Friendly with everyone and everything (including dogs and children), he has since become one of our go-to demo dogs. Dax has had some issues keeping weight on him, despite our best efforts to fatten him up with extra food, dewormers, and the occasional cheeseburger.


Abracadabra 112071. Male, 3 years, 65 pounds, altered. HW+. Volunteers report that he has high energy but was not reactive to other dogs and was great with people!


Chiva 111977. Female, 1 year, 50 pounds, altered. Owner surrender. HW+. Terrific dog!! As you can see in the picture, Chiva is very outgoing and friendly. Did great during our meet and greet with our demo dog, and was superb with all of our staff. Surrendered because she repeatedly attacked neighbor’s chickens. Notes describe her as “friendly” and “scared” of children (I’m afraid we have no context for this), is good with other small dogs, is not good with cats. She also plays “gentle” with other pets!


Automatic Daffodil 112244. Female, 10 years, 25 pounds, unaltered. HW+. Sweet, easygoing gal. Her age certainly shows, but she was very happy to greet me in the kennel when I met her. Daffodil has severe dental disease and had a large basketball sized mass that was recently removed. Volunteers report that she is sweet and eager to please.


Wrigley 112265. Male, 5 years, 60 pounds, altered. Owner surrender due to divorce. Has very positive OS notes! Described as playful, friendly, great with kids, cats, people, and other dogs. Wrigley is also a registered service animal, according to his OS notes. Volunteers reported that he was very friendly and respectful!


Tina Spay 112218. Female, 10 months, 50 pounds, altered. Very skittish girl! Notes say that staff should go slow with her, and that she snapped at the techs during her wellness exam. Volunteers reported yesterday though that she was very friendly, likes treats, and knows how to sit!


Teene 112125. Female, 11 years, 55 pounds, altered. Owner surrender due to a change in behavior. She lived with another dog for 11 years but recently attacked her. “She can be really playful and happy but has recently changed her behavior to aggressive. I do not think she will do well with other dogs. She is better off alone.” Notes also say she is great with women, and fearful but playful with men and children.


Darth 109227. Male, 9 months, 8 pounds, altered.


Annabelle 112318. Female, 1 year, 45 pounds, unaltered.


Arctic Monkey
Parquet Courts

Arctic Monkey 112246 and Parquet Courts 112247. Male and Female, 10 weeks, 10 pounds, altered.


Hozier 112252. Female, 9 weeks, 15 pounds, altered.


Mary Puppins 112195. Female, 9 weeks, 8 pounds, altered.


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