Take A Virtual Test Drive Of US 183 South Construction

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block-quote-verticle-purple-bar-7x100Take this virtual test drive with an aerial view of what it will take to get through the new intersection and into Austin Bergstrom International Airport.

Construction of the 183 South Project is moving right along, with heavy activity occurring in the Springdale/Manor Road area as well as at the Colorado River.

The bulk of this work is still focused primarily on utilities, with relocations of existing utilities as well as installation of new infrastructure in progress.

US 183 construction on the bridge widening at Springdale/Manor Road. Photo courtesy of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority.

Paving of the new general purpose lanes has begun north of Springdale/Manor Road and retaining wall construction is ongoing in this area.
Bridge construction is still in progress at Springdale/Manor Road, the Little Walnut Creek crossing, MLK Boulevard and the Colorado River, and the first complete Delta Bent is in the ground on the north side of MLK Boulevard for the new bridge at that intersection.
Construction of a temporary pad made of native rock has begun at the Colorado River to allow construction crews access to the bridge from ground level. This pad will be removed at the completion of construction and the river restored to its original condition.

Take this virtual test drive with commentary showing an aerial view of all work to be completed with animation and new pedestrian and bike routes.




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