Texas Democrats rely on voters of color to be competitive. So why are their top statewide candidates mostly white?

The GOP slate for statewide office includes two high-profile Latinos and two Black candidates who have previously held state or federal office. Republicans are making a play to be more competitive with voters of color as the state’s electorate grows more diverse.

By James Barragán

By contrast, the Democrats’ most formidable candidates are white — Beto O’Rourke, who is running for governor, and Mike CollierMatthew Dowd, and Michelle Beckley, who are running for lieutenant governor.

Republicans compete for voters of color

Potential statewide candidates who are currently in office are unlikely to risk their hard-fought seats to launch an uphill battle for state office, particularly when Republican incumbents hold advantages of multiple millions of dollars from the start, Brown said. Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, a Latina, is seen as a rising star in the party but has resisted a statewide run. And San Antonio’s Julián and Joaquin Castro are perennially named among potential candidates but have also turned down opportunities.

Democrat fundraising disparities

A shake-up 

“Policy over personality”

This story originally published by the Texas Tribune.

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