The Fight For The American Republic

By LTC Allen West (Ret.)


Last week, our Monday message addressed the exchange between Mrs. Powell, a Philadelphia socialite, and Benjamin Franklin. The chance encounter happened on Constitution Day, September17, 1787, in the city of Philadelphia . . . yes, the irony. Mrs. Powell asked Franklin if we had a monarchy or a Republic? Franklin replied, “A Republic if you can keep it.” We discussed the fundamentals of a Republic last week, the rule of law, and individual rights and liberty. The question that we posed in our missive last week is our topic for this week.

I asked, simply, at the end of election week, would we be able to state that we had held onto the Constitutional Republic we call these United States of America?

One of the foundations of our Constitutional Republic is that we have a representative democratic system of governance. America is not a pure democracy, thank goodness. We have an electoral process whereby we elect those who will be our voice, our representatives.

Our Founding Fathers were exceptionally visionary in establishing our rule of law, the Constitution, which gave us the mechanism by which we could keep the American Republic.

However, there were several things that they could not fully account for: human behavior, voter apathy and lack of discernment, a propaganda-driven media, and the creation of a philosophy of governance, antithetical to our American Republic.

When these factors are aligned with that age-old flaw in human character, the quest for power and control, you have the recipe for what we are currently experiencing in America.

I know something about voter fraud. Back in 2012, during my congressional reelection, the race had been called by some media outlets in South Florida. I was ahead by 200 votes, and it was just after midnight. Then it happened. There was an exact 4,000 vote shift, which no one could later explain, that put me down by 2000 votes.

There in St Lucie County, where the supervisor of elections was a staunch partisan Democrat named Gertrude Walker, certain precincts reported having over 100 percent voter participation. As well, Ms. Walker was seen mysteriously going in and out of the storage facility for the ballots, at very strange, early morning hours.

She ended up submitting the results of the election, stating that they were issues, yet, a full recount was never done, and the Florida Secretary of State accepted her report. Florida Governor Rick Scott, and Attorney General Pam Bondi, did nothing.

Communist dictator Josef Stalin has a quote attributed to him that asserts, “it is of little concern to me who casts a vote, what matters is who counts the vote.”

Sound familiar?

Even before my own brush with voter fraud, it was US Senator Norm Coleman of Minnesota, in his race against Al Franken, who had ballots appearing in various locations…namely in the trunks of cars. All the ballots found were for Al Franken.

Sound familiar?

Just two years ago, Republicans in California were declared winners in their respective elections, only to have those calls reversed in the weeks following due to ballot harvesting. Yes, ballots just kept showing up, all for one person, until the desired result was affirmed.

Sound familiar?

Fast forward to November of 2020, and, here we are again. However, this time, we are witnessing what appears a bloodless coup at the national level, utilizing the tactic of ballot harvesting.

We should not be surprised.

Earlier this year, I read and wrote about, an op-ed written in Time magazine on April 14th, by the former US Attorney General, and Chairman of the National Democrat Redistricting Committee, Eric Holder. The title of his article was, “Here’s How the Coronavirus Crisis Should Change U.S. Elections—For Good.” What was the crux of his missive? Yes, it was the need for universal mail-in ballots.

Do you remember what was it that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was trying to get funded in the first coronavirus stimulus package? Yes, universal mail-in ballots.

Communist dictator Josef Stalin has a quote attributed to him that asserts, “it is of little concern to me who casts a vote, what matters is who counts the vote.”

It seems that a very disconcerting form of Common Core math is being used to count votes, to favor Democrats.

Today the American Republic is the victim of a grand scheme and anyone dismissing this is a mindless lemming. The Texas Democrat Party attempted this scheme here in the Lone Star State in Texas’ largest County, Harris County. It was there that an appointed partisan County Clerk, Chris Hollins — who is also an official of the Texas Democrat Party — sought to disseminate nearly 2.5 million mail-in ballot applications to the “registered voter list” in Harris County. His planned scheme was in violation of Texas election law which clearly specifies the intent and scope of absentee ballots. Hollins was issued a stand-down order by the Texas Supreme Court. However, Hollins then went onto unilaterally expand “curbside” voting during the early voting period, another violation of Texas election law. Of course, his expanded locations were all in heavily Democrat precincts. When challenged, the media tried to make it appear that Republicans were enacting voter suppression. Since when did supporting election law become equated with voter suppression? Imagine if those 2.5 million mail-in ballots had found their way into our Texas electoral system?

In all truth, voter suppression comes where there is voter fraud, as we are witnessing. This is what serves to undermine the American Republic, and we will not be brow-beaten into silence or acceptance.

The top legislative priority for the Republican Party of Texas, of our eight priorities, is election integrity. You can view the entire list of priorities at our Texas GOP website.

Texas will not allow the undermining of our “Texas Republic.” This is why the Republican Party of Texas is perplexed, and will not support, a potential Texas Speaker of the House who would seek affirmation from progressive socialist Democrats to attain that position.

It is utterly absurd and demonstrably idiotic that any Republican would join with Democrats to lead our Republican majority (83-67) Texas State House. Does anyone believe that Texas Democrats will support the Republican Party of Texas legislative priority of election integrity?

Therefore, let me clearly state this: the Republican Party of Texas will not support, nor accept, State Rep. Dade Phelan as Speaker of the Texas House. Texas does not need a Republican political traitor, not at a time when the two diverging philosophies of governance are this lucid.

The Republican Party of Texas will not sit back idly and watch leftist Democrats be placed as Committee Chairmen who will undermine, kill, our legislative priorities, as happened in the 86th Texas legislative session.

Texas will be led by Constitutional Conservatives, not middle of the road “road kill” individuals seeking alliance with Marxist, socialist, leftists. We fought hard in the 2020 election cycle — against massive odds and leftist resources — to retain a strong legislative majority.

America needs Texas. Texas needs committed, principled, resolute, and courageous Conservatives who will be the vanguard in saving, protecting, and restoring the American Republic.

The fight has been enjoined . . . Y’all all in?

Steadfast and Loyal,

LTC Allen West (Ret.)
Chairman, Republican Party of Texas


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  1. Dear Lieutenant Colonel, Sir:

    While the leftist Swine raises his political power by moaning constantly about the oppressed marginalized pooooor of our nation and enriches himself by supplying open border foreign labor to american capitalists, the Swine of the Right talks the depth of his faith and his beelooooved Texas integrity in order to raise his political power and wealth as an opportunistic capitalist who, yeah, has gotta hire “illegals” to keep up with the other guys. Thus these Swiners collectively use left and right wing rhetoric to expand their wealth and political power and welcome to Texas !! On our left a communist apparatchik who successfully replaces the hammer and a sickle with an LGBQT flag and on our right, a “realist” who finds it politically expedient to sit in the first row at Sunday service.

    Trump embodied hope—but is was the wrong kind. People were hoping he would do something for them (the same way 0-5 does “something” for you, sir). Indeed, Trump came out swinging with his mouth and went out hanging from his tongue. Americans are not going to do sh*t for themselves, they want someone to do it for them. The good news, LTC sir, is they will allow you to preach to them, that is, as long they also get their legal weed, their video games, beer and their Porn. You enjoy using words and striking up the band “on the right” but I’ve been over yonder and know our tactics there and personally know the horrors young soldiers bring back with them. They cram it way back in their minds and file it under the belief of ‘sacrificing to a higher good.’ That is, until returning home and coming to grips with the tattooed transexuals teaching our first graders about sexual diversity and inclusion, and discovering that worse, Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr and the DOJ and the FBI ain’t gonna do spit about any of the madness. That’s why our returning soldiers have THE highest suicide rate per capita in the history of America. Your words now mean to help them, or us, or who?

    But don’t let me stop an expert field grade like you from teaching our belooooved Texans why they should be protecting foreign borders instead of our own, and how the leftist Swine have swindled us out of four more years of muh constitution and muh dope. After all, the voters have only been indoctrinated by low grade media/education/entertainment/propaganda—and you’ve been to war college.

    1. Why do you always have to go so far into the gutter? You claim to have served “over there.” Well, if that were the case, you should support political fighting. So long as there is a professional willingness to moderate, debate is how we reach truth. So get over yourself. Stop making excuses. Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. And get over that GD wall!

      Oh! And FYSA, LTC West apparently deployed for both DESERT STORM and OIF. He was awarded a Bronze Star for meritorious service (it ain’t a heroism award.) It appears he earned a master parachutist badge and a Navy/USMC qual too.

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