UPDATE: Thieves target San Marcos CARTS station

Sierra Martin | Managing Editor

UPDATE 1:14 PM: All routes are back in service.

According to the City of San Marcos, last night the San Marcos CARTS station was targeted by thieves who stole ten catalytic converters from ten busses. The San Marcos Police Department (SMPD) is investigating the theft. 

San Marcos CARTS transit service for routes 2/3 and 6/7 have been suspended temporarily. Route 1, Route 4, and Route 5 will run as usual. Paratransit service will be available for essential trips.

“This is an evolving situation and additional busses are in the process of being acquired to minimize the impact on our community. Updates to route schedules will be posted on the City’s social media accounts as they become available,” the city released in a statement. 

In early February, SMPD reported an increase in catalytic converter thefts in the city, with 301 being stolen since January 2019. SMPD said they are stepping up their efforts to reduce thefts and catch the offenders responsible.

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  1. CARTS allows homeless thieves to reside on that property,
    24-7, in plain sight of all commuters using the buses.
    CARTS director David Marsh now cries foul.

    Idea, David. Why not stop arresting people who
    refuse to wear masks on CARTS buses (despite
    governor’s order saying no masks) and start
    arresting the wackos, who like yourself, create
    problems and impose their insanity on others.

    1. Dear sweet Janna,
      For starters, the mask mandate on ALL modes of transportation is a federal mandate. Your idiot governor (who seems to care more about the politics of it than your safety) has no authority there. I’ll be glad when masks are no longer required but, in the meantime, I’m grateful for them because they protect us from self-centered, self-entitled people like you who think their right not be uncomfortable trumps everyone else’s right to be safe.
      Secondly, CARTS does not allow the homeless to reside on the property. It seems to be a never-ending fight to make it clear that they are not welcome to set up house there. I have witnessed the battle first hand many times.
      Your negative attack here was ridiculously unnecessary but, if you’re going to shoot your mouth off, at least get your facts straight.

      1. Dear Anonymous,

        You should provide the Corridor News with this “federal mandate” having actual force of law, which thus allows CARTS to arrest people on a public bus in a complete absence of offense under state or federal law. Funny how two individual federal courts rulings in Texas alone recently handed Joe Biden his ass, in finding there is no such law nor ever was any such “federal mandate” which, according to you, allows CARTS to arrest people for resisting the advances of Director David Marsh, who in my opinion perfectly describes the meaning of erratic lunatic.

        So please provide these readers with that certain authority which allows you to accuse decent law abiding citizens of being “self-centered, self-entitiled people” for relying upon state and federal law to control their decisions, rather than CARTS policy presented as law.

        If you want to enforce policy, join a private club. If you want to constructively interact within the public realm, be advised that public law controls public behavior in a public place. CARTS is organized as a state agency under Chapter 458 of the Transportation Code, and that means CARTS is controlled by public law, not private policy.

        Two apparent facts here, you have no training at law beyond what you are told, and you will believe anything in return for a paycheck. CARTS shortly will be caused to give answer to its alleged authority in federal court. Though you’re only a sycophantic shill for CARTS, I still believe a jury would love to hate you, were you not also “Anonymous.”

        1. Here’s your federal mandate. Again, to correct your misinformation, passengers do not get arrested for refusing to wear a mask. Police are called out to deal with threatening behavior. Seldom are they arrested but, if they are, it is due to behavior that is so out of control that the police have deemed it necessary. Because, as you said, public law controls public behavior. Not sure what your threats of federal court are supposed to mean but it doesn’t matter. I think you’re trying to sound like you know what you’re talking about but you’re mostly just angry.

          1. Dear Anonymous,

            On behalf of CARTS you’ve now told us,

            “For starters, the mask mandate on ALL modes of transportation is a federal mandate. Your idiot governor (who seems to care more about the politics of it than your safety) has no authority there.”

            To prove how we’re the chumps, and CARTS is boss, you’ve provided this,

            That’s quite a lot of gobbledyegook there, counselor. So let’s examine it simply.
            First, this “Order” doesn’t create law, it merely identifies existing law located in the United State Code (“USC”) and Code of Federal Regulations (“CFR”) and it directs transportation personnel to enforce those laws. The Order is signed by Martin S. Cetron, M.D., Director of Global Migration and Quarantine, C.D.C.

            The first sentence informs us this Order is “subject to limitations” which namely constitute the extent of authority held by a transportation entity under this Order. In fact, the Order specifically reads that, “ Until further notice, under 42 USC 264(a) and 42 CFR 70.2, 42 CFR 71.31(b) and 71.32(b) unless excluded or exempted as set forth in this order, a person must wear a mask while boarding, disembarking and traveling on any conveyance within the United States.”
            p.9 Order.

            So let’s examine the specific authority this Order provides:

            42 USC 264(a)
            Power to quarantine, fumigate and inspect migrants

            42 CFR 70.2
            Measures which can be taken in the event of inadequate local control. (“i.e.: “your idiot governor” and his idiot orders that say no more masks)

            42 CFR 71.31(b)
            The Director may detain or issue a pratique to the carrier (“pratique”, namely “a licence given to a ship to enter a port on a determination that she is free from contagious diseases.”)

            42 CFR 71.32(b)
            Whenever the Director has reason to believe that any arriving carrier or article or thing on board the carrier is or may be infected or contaminated.

            In sum, your Order shows the CDC by its authority generally held under 42 USC 264(a), has adopted the use of 42 Code of Federal Regulations parts 70 and 71, which allows the CDC to detain, medically examine, and release migrants arriving into the United States and traveling between states who are suspected of carrying communicable diseases.

            Moreover, our Fifth Federal Court of Appeals has recently affirmed how Governor Abbott by use of an executive order that blocked a school from imposing mask mandates was operating within his powers held as state executive for the enforcment of state interests; state objectives and public policy defined under state law. E.T.; J.R.; S.P.; M.P; E.S.; H.M.; A.M. v. Paxton, No. 21-51083 at *13-14 (5th Cir. December 01, 2021). The CDC is woefully aware how the authority upon all questions of commerce within the state (“intrastate”) is regulated under state law.

            No dice, David Marsh. That’s why you’re so snappy and unhappy. The Fifth Circuit under E.T., Id., in affirming that our protections of state law may be enforced by our governor’s executive order, has now pulled the plug on your ongoing hijack of those rights under pretext of a CDC order which merely provides for the fumigation of migrants. Likewise your revolutionary theory on how “ Your idiot governor (who seems to care more about the politics of it than your safety) has no authority there. ”

            Have been in meeting all morning, forgive the belated response, and now wish to retract my personal opinion of you previously expressed as an erratic lunatic, forthwith amended to read dangerous and erratic lunatic. See you in court.

          2. Janna,
            We want to apologize for removing your link. Corridor News has a policy of not allowing links in comments unless they come from staff.
            The policy is due to the amount of malware, spyware, and dangerous websites that are on the internet. We do this to keep our reader’s safe while on our website.
            Thank you for reading!

      2. Science has confirmed that masks are not effective. It is all about control. Furthermore, the left-wing loves to tout rules for the rest of us plebeians and then break their OWN created mandates. We have seen this on the national political landscape time and again. “Self-centered, self-entitled people” – do you mean like the one who went to Florida caught on camera with no mask? The masks have protected you from nothing except your desire to virtue signal your perceived superiority. The left loves to cry, “my body, my rights.” Nevertheless, when it comes to a vaccination never approved by the FDA or masks, suddenly values shift to suit the need to control a population.

        1. Science has confirmed masks DO work to reduce spread. (See the Bangledesh Mask Study among others).

          And Mask mandates are being dropped all over the country as covid winds down. Just like we all said they would.

          It has always been your body, your choice, but choices have consequences.

          I would argue those making a scene in refusing to wear masks are the virtue signalling ones.

          1. Dude… Think about it. You breathe out. Some of the junk leaves the body and gets trapped in the mask. There it is kept, warm, moist, and fed. It grows and spreads. You then breathe back in. You breathe THE JUNK back in. That would not have happened without the mask. Instead, it would have been nuked by the sun and dried up within seconds.

            While the mask might reduce spread some, that minimal benefit is strongly overwhelmed by the impacts it has on your body. Masks make the mask wearers sick.

            I cannot wait for the studies to provide statistical proof of all this foolishness.

      3. “the mask mandate on ALL modes of transportation is a federal mandate. ”

        That is blatantly unconstitutional. They cannot even justify it based on, the often abused, “Interstate Commerce” because they are local bus routes.

        1. There are no studies that support masks making people sick. Doctors and Nurses have been wearing masks for hours at a time for years, there is no documented increase in sickness.

          Masks work, multiple studies support that.

          1. Funny thing about the masks doctors & nurses wear… They are disposable and regularly changed.

            ^^^ Does not apply to the typical Rona mask.

      4. hey anonymous its time you put up or shut up show us the federal mandate
        you got nothing and it shows maybe next time huh?

          1. This is like the ban on evictions and foreclosures. Just another unconstitutional power grab by the CDC.

            This only stands because it hasn’t been challenged. The airlines need to refuse and sue.

  2. Soooo, the city was going to do etching for citizens vehicles and they did not start with their own vehicles because why?

  3. wait up here, “Corridor Staff”

    The first link you deleted from posting was the same governmental link you allowed “Anonymous” to post

    My posting additionally provided a total of five governmental sites, i.e.: .gov
    You posted none of them, and thus allow CARTS to control the narrative

  4. Lisa, I appreciate the research that went into that article, I however fit test people for masks and other PPE for a living (MS in Occupational Health), and in years of fitting people with N95 masks and filters, and in research, there is not one single case of a person getting hypoxia from a N95 or KN95 mask, it simply doesn’t happen. There are no documented health hazards from lengthy mask wearing, they simply do not restrict air flow that much. All the fear mongering of health concerns about masks (amplified by the media) was shown to be just that.

    Robert, to your point, no one should be wearing the same mask day after day, no one. I am aware some people do that, that is yet another thing I chalk up to poor government education about pandemic mitigation.

  5. Thank you, Kenneth, for the info. I am highly allergic to the disposable ones, as I wheeze within minutes of placing them on. Furthermore, wheezing lasts for well over 24 hours—as 1% of the population with allergies and is perhaps more sensitive than the “average” person. Sometimes I consider my allergies a “superpower,” knowing what to avoid rather than a deficit. For example, was right on the money when I warned the public and the school district about the mold up at the administrative building. They ignored me for years. Then poof, they evacuated it and destroyed it. I do appreciate the information you shared. Thanks for all your work in our community. Have a great rest of your week! I hope I get to meet you some time here in our community.

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