Tree work scheduled on city owned properties this week

Beginning the week of Oct. 11, crews will remove freeze damaged and diseased trees and tree limbs on various city properties. The work will require amenities in some city parks to close, including the small dog section of the Dog Park on Monday, Oct. 11. The Children’s Park playscape will be closed on Wednesday, Oct. 13 from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., weather permitting.

“Public safety is an important component of community forestry,” said Urban Forester Kelly Eby. “Some trees responded differently to the winter storm or were not adapted or ready for the extreme drop in temperatures. Our community may continue to deal with the aftermath of the freeze for several years.”

One of the most notable trees to be removed is the red oak at the Children’s Park playscape.

“Our Urban Forester and team have worked hard to preserve the tree,” said Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation Jamie Lee Case. “However, a combination of stressors such as extreme environmental conditions, tree species traits, insects, and diseases have worked to shorten the tree’s lifespan.”

Alternate playgrounds to visit on Oct. 13 while the Children’s Park playscape is closed include:

  • City Park, 170 Charles Austin Dr.
  • Conway Park, 504 Bliss Ln.
  • Dunbar Park, 801 W. MLK
  • Victory Gardens Park, 300 Roosevelt St.
  • Vietnam Veterans Park, 320 Mariposa St.

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