Where Your Local City, County & School District Make Their Decisions… How It Ends Begins With You

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There’s an old saying, “all politics start at the local level.” Important decisions on rules, laws, ordinances, codes, and a large portion of our taxes are decided at the local level during meetings that most residents don’t give a second thought about.

The issues that affect your city, county, schools and every day of your life are discussed and decided on during these meetings. It is up to all of us to keep our local officials honest and shape the future of our county, school districts and cities.

These weekly meetings, where important decisions are made for Hays County, schools and schools districts and the surrounding local municipalities of Buda, Dripping Springs, Kyle, San Marcos and Wimberley are listed below.

Each page includes links to the official agenda, meeting minutes, agenda packets and live or archived videos and/or audio (if available) for each of the government entities… How it ends, begins with you.

Meetings Scheduled for the Week of July 15, 2019

Click on the links below to view meeting agendas, agenda packets, past meeting minutes, links to where you can view past meetings and where to find the live streaming meetings!

Monday, July 15
San Marcos CISD Board of Trustees Regular Meeting (6:00 PM)
Wimberley ISD Regular Meeting (6:00 PM)
Dripping Springs City Council Notice of Possible Quorum (7:30 PM)

Tuesday, July 16
Hays County Commissioners Regular Meeting (9:00 AM)
Kyle City Council Regular Meeting (6:00 PM)
City Council Strategic Planning Session and Training Workshop (9:00 AM)

Wednesday, July 17

Thursday, July 18
Wimberley City Council Regular Meeting (6:00 PM)

Friday, July 19


Tuesday, July 23
Dripping Springs City Council Notice of Possible Quorum (7:30 PM)

No Meetings Scheduled for the Week of July 15, 2019
Buda City Council / Planning & Zoning
Dripping Springs ISD
Dripping Springs Planning & Zoning
Kyle Planning & Zoning
San Marcos City Council / Planning & Zoning
Wimberley Planning & Zoning

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