With questions about omicron’s severity still unanswered, Texas braces for new COVID-19 wave this winter

Hospitalizations related to the virus remain low in the state, but the number of people testing positive is rising and once again fueling worries about the struggling health care system’s ability to weather a new surge.

By Jolie Mccullough

New confirmed and probable cases of coronavirus in Texas in the last two weeks

The Texas Tribune is measuring the rate of confirmed and probable cases per 1,000 residents in each county in the last two weeks. This shows where numbers are increasing in the state.

Note: New cases include confirmed and probable cases.
Sources: Case data from the Texas Department of State Health Services, population data from the 2020 U.S. census
Credit: The Texas Tribune

Hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Texas by region

The percentage of hospital beds being used by COVID-19 patients in each trauma service region shows how the virus is currently impacting hospitals in different parts of the state.

Source: Texas Department of State Health Services
Credit: The Texas Tribune

Percentage of Texans fully vaccinated

As of Dec. 15, about 55.7% of Texas’ 29.1 million people have been fully vaccinated. According to the Census Bureau’s 2019 Vintage population estimates, 93% of Texans are age 5 and older and thus eligible for a vaccine.

Sources: Vaccination data from the Texas Department of State Health Services, statewide population from the 2020 U.S. census, population by age from Census Vintage 2019 estimates
Credit: The Texas Tribune

This story originally published by the Texas Tribune.

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