15th Annual Turkeys Tackling Hunger

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HAYS COUNTY – This week, Hays County Food Bank will begin handing out hundreds of holiday meal boxes to households who have signed up to receive them. This annual tradition is in its 15th year, and the food bank could not do it without the help of this great community. Sponsors, donors, volunteers, and advocates have helped make this another successful Turkeys Tackling Hunger season.

Night Hawk Frozen Foods, Inc. has been the title sponsor for this campaign since 2014. This local company has truly thrown itself into support for this annual event. Not only do they help fund the meal box program, but they also utilize their resources to fill and seal boxes and help store the finished product. They are a well-oiled machine and every ‘Boxing Day’ gets more and more successful.

LIttle Guys Movers in San Marcos lends the food bank their trucks, equipment, and several professional movers to help transport the meal boxes to the various sites where they will be handed out. If you see a Little Guy’s truck this week, it just might have hundreds of turkeys on board. They truly are helping their community one move at a time.

HEB has been tackling hunger with Hays County Food Bank for years, and this year is no different. They sponsored 333 fully loaded holiday meal boxes, complete with a frozen turkey and traditional side dishes. They also ran their annual fall campaign, ‘Help End Hunger’ in September that helped raise funds for the food bank. 

The food bank is very pleased to announce a brand new Champion sponsor this year, Gunnarson Advertising. Gunnarson Advertising also donated the funds to help fill 333 holiday meal boxes. 

Cypress Creek Church in Wimberley is an honorable sponsor for this year’s campaign. They are a brand new partner of the food bank, and offered their technical services to help families sign up online. Their online platform made the sign-up process much more efficient and the food bank hopes to continue this partnership for years to come. Cypress Creek Church has also been partnering with the food bank to offer food distributions in Wimberley.

Another honorable mention is Lamar Advertising. For five years, they have donated either a printed or digital billboard to help spread awareness about the food bank along the I-35 corridor. The food bank is grateful for the additional marketing to help connect people who need help and people who want to help locally.

Hays County Food Bank is grateful for all of the support shown during this annual campaign. Volunteers, donors, sponsors, food drives, fundraisers and more are bountiful this time of year, and the food bank wishes to thank each and everyone of you. When we all work together, we can accomplish great things.

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