3 Local Republican Precinct Chairs Announce Support Of Trump’s Challenge Of Election Results

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Three local republican precinct chairs have signed a resolution of Support of President Donald J. Trump’s challenge of the results of the November 2020 Election.

Sam Brannon, Martha Doss, and Dan Robison signed the resolution on Jan. 5 and submitted it to the Texas Republican Party Chairman Allen West, Tuesday afternoon.

“The Republic Party and the important elected officials are very slow to lend their support to the President’s challenges of this election,” Brannon said. “Precinct chairs are representatives of the party on the ground, and I’m doing my part and every voter I know wants the Republicans to back the President. We believe this election has been stolen.”

According to Brannon, he sent an email to the Hays County Executive Committee last Wednesday proposing the resolution with the hopes of getting it done and in the hands of state officials by Monday.

Along with voicing the three chairs’ support for President Trump’s challenge of the election results, the resolution calls on republican elected officials representing Hays County and the state of Texas to exhaust all efforts in their official capacities to help accurately and honestly resolve the 2020 Presidential election.

“The members of the party do not feel moved to act but the voters do and that is a giant disconnect,” Brannon said. “And that is why the Hays County Republican Party is losing elections in Hays County. They don’t represent the voters. We want conservative candidates. We have to get this party in order.”

The full resolution can be read below.

Hays GOP Resolution in Support of the Trump Campaign

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