A Ken Paxton lawsuit is why some face filters on Facebook and Instagram were temporarily disabled in Texas

The features were suspended two months after the attorney general sued the social media platforms’ parent company, saying that some of its practices violated Texans’ privacy. Users can now reactivate the filters.

By Reese Oxner

This story was originally published by the Texas Tribune.

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  1. Yea I’m voting Paxton of as Attorney General, filters are fun, exciting and a fun experience on social media. We use them to get away from the professional outlets of the corporate world. It’s fun to add filters and funny faces, it’s brings out your personality. We have fun laughing at filters, filters that changes your backgrounds, enhances features etc. it’s harmless. All the technology in the world, if the FBI, CSI, CIA, wanted to find one of us they could easily do so, these filters will not affect that. If anything the government has cameras all over the world that flashes your face without giving you know it without your consent is that illegal yes it is but do they tell you they have it no they don’t should you be aware yes you should so if anything why not target the United States of America for all these different tax they used to get a picture of our face instead of a harmless app that you give consent to use it that you actually you because you want to use it and it’s not against your will!

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