A new $44 million multi-family apartment complex may soon come to San Marcos

Christopher Green | Staff Reporter

San Marcos may soon add another apartment complex to the already growing number of housing units in the city. A 416,204 square foot apartment complex that will feature a clubhouse and swimming pool is slated to begin construction later this year at 1800 Center Point Road.

The complex will have ten apartment buildings with a total of 330 units. The project is scheduled to start on Dec. 19, 2022 and be completed by Dec. 26 2024. The name of the project is 1800 Apartments and will invlove the use of public lands and public funds.

In an email to the Houston Chronicle, Vice President of Development with the NRP Group, an organization that assists in community development, Max Whipple said, “As San Marcos continues to grow, the cost of home-ownership and market-rate apartments continues to increase. This development is important to offer housing options to a crucial group of the local workforce to ensure they aren’t priced out of the market,” said Whipple. “This location is perfectly situated near the Tanger Outlets and job centers along the I-35 corridor, which is necessary to sustain and generate further economic activity in San Marcos.”

The NRP Group has also worked with the development of the Encino Pointe and Sienna Pointe in San Marcos, which are both multi-family apartment complexes.  

Micharl Perrissi, who has been a resident of San Marcos since 2011 said the multi-family style apartment complex is something that San Marcos needs right now. Perrissi said a good price for rent at this type of development would be between $900 and $1,200 depending on the bedrooms. 

“People right now are being taxed out of there homes due to the college getting tax breaks. Normal non-student renters who live here can’t afford the houses or apartments now,” said Perrissi. “It’s 900 for a shared house per room, They’re catering to the college students but, it doesn’t help the elderly here or the regular people.”

Marie Ford, who has lived in San Marcos since 1993, said the proposed apartment complex won’t be good for San Marcos.

“This project on Centerpoint Road is going to turn into yet one more eyesore of a blunder by the city of San Marcos,” said Ford. “I see nothing good coming from this. The result will literally be another ugly monstrosity of an apartment complex that people can’t afford without working two or three jobs.”

The complex will cost developers $44,285,000 to build, and is still in the planning stages. The city has not yet received all the required documentation for construction to begin and the development still has to be passed through Planning and Zoning and City Council. The city will begin to make decisions in regard to the development once the developer has submitted all the documentation for the application process. 

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  1. I moved into Mission Trail Apt 3 years ago when they opened. I asked for a 2 bedroom and was offered a 3 bedroom for the same price as a two. My rent was 1,089 after my second increase it is now 1,450.00. I can’t afford this. I wrote to Michael’s company to ask for relief and they said the increase was due to property taxes. Hmmm dosn’t my rent pay for most of the property taxes. These apt are called income restricted- the city gives them a huge tax break which is supposed to be passed on to the renter to keep rent low..we are at or just below market rent. It is a legal loophole HUD, Cities, and lack of government oversight are doing to make bank.

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