Anti-Semitic flyers found in San Marcos leads to FBI investigation

Sierra Martin | Managing Editor

HAYS COUNTY – The weekend of October 30, homeowners in the Willow Creek area reported to San Marcos Police that flyers appearing to be anti-Semitic in nature were located on their property, leading to an investigation by the FBI.

According to local officials, some residents throughout Hays County received hateful flyers towards Jewish and Black communities in their mailboxes. Along with the discriminatory flyers, the Jackson Chapel UMC on Centre Street in San Marcos, a legacy Black congregation, was vandalized last weekend with anti-religious and homophobic graffiti.

Grafitti vandalizing the Jackson Chapel UMC on Centre Street in San Marcos.

In San Marcos, some residents found the flyers on their doorsteps in bags full of pebbles, causing local authorities to believe they were thrown from a vehicle.

Some of the flyers claimed that “every aspect of the COVID agenda is Jewish,” and that the Holocaust never happened. One of the flyers read, “The alleged concentration camps had amenities such as movie theatres, soccer fields and ice cream parlors.”

Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra spoke about the flyers in a tweet to his followers.

“Negative actions motivated in bias is an attack against an entire community and not just an attack on a single person,” said Becerra. “This behavior is not acceptable.”

Members of the community have also voiced concern over a resident in the Vista de Los Santos subdivision, who has been threatened with extreme violence and even death and told he is not welcome in his neighborhood due to his race.

In response to the recent hate incidents in the community, the League of Women’s Voters of Hays County released a statement condemning the “cowardly attacks” and said they stand in solidarity with the Jewish and Black communities.

Photo credited to Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra’s Twitter

“We are not going to tolerate any of these mean, hateful, racist behaviors in San Marcos,” said Mary Earls, President-Elect of the LWV. “We must stand up, speak out, and let our community know we stand with them to stop this movement of hate in our communities.” 

Linda Calvert, past President of the LWV of Hays County, urged local officials to take action and condemn the hateful messages in the community.

“I hope that citizens of Hays County will view this as a wake-up call. I urge our Commissioners, our mayors, and city councils — all of our elected leaders to become vocal and speak out against these vile and cowardly acts,” said Calvert. “ I do not believe this is how we want to be known as a community or county. We need good and brave leaders now! We cannot let these acts stand!”

On November 9, City of San Marcos Mayor Jane Hughson released a public statement regarding the hateful messages, saying that she supports the impacted communities and, “will always do everything in my power to help provide a true sense of belonging for all.”

“The San Marcos Police Department has collected flyers that were distributed in San Marcos neighborhoods and is now consulting with the Hays County District Attorney’s office on this investigation. I appreciate our law enforcement officials taking this matter seriously.

“I am appalled and deeply regret the impact these vile expressions of hatred have had on our colleagues, friends and family members. These attacks rooted in anti-Semitism have no place in society, and I denounce anti-Semitism in any form and in any context,” said Hughson.

Becerra urges people to fill out a tip form on the FBI website if they have received a flyer or have any information regarding the investigation.

This article was updated to include additional information provided by the City of San Marcos and Mayor Jane Hughson.

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  1. Dear Mr. Becerra:

    Being anti-protestant, anti-catholic, or anti-everybody else –that’s an opinion.
    But being anti-“semite” . . . you say that’s an “unacceptable” opinion ?
    We’ll stop thinking wrong. Please don’t put us in camps.

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