City Council Slated To Consider Possible Collaboration For An Indigenous Cultures Center

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The San Marcos City Council is slated to consider a resolution expressing their support for exploring a possible collaboration with the Indigenous Cultures Institute.

The possible collaboration would involve the establishment of an indigenous cultures center and would include exploring the possibility of joining with the Indigenous Cultures Institute in applying for Hays County Parks and Open Space Bond funding.

According to the agenda, the proposed multidisciplinary center will feature an exhibit, gallery, classroom spaces, outdoor gardens, ceremonial space, and performing arts capacity.

The facility is proposed to be a “signature icon of San Marcos” focusing on the 14,000-year-old history of the original indigenous people of the area.

The resolution associated with the item expresses the city’s support of the indigenous cultures institute to pursue funding through the Hays County Parks and Open Spaces bound process.

The Resolution also includes the City’s commitment to explore available and feasible options to locate the proposed Center.

The city council’s Regular Meeting on Feb. 16 was postponed. However, the item is expected to return on a future agenda.

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  1. Is there ANYTHING that will convince the City Council to prioritize city functions before this kind of garbage? There is a gigantic building that hosts an annual festival about Texan cultures about 45 minutes south of here. I’m not 100% sure. Its been a few years but I pretty certain it is run by UTSA is associated with the Smithsonian and called the Institute of Texan Cultures. Why on earth would anyone come up here just to look at a few broken arrow heads?

  2. I take issue with your language “garbage.” I also take issue that the city council has refused to protect Indigenous artifacts from getting desecrated via GAP (which are actually incomplete streets vs. purported complete streets) projects aka sidewalk projects, TxDot Projects, CIP projects, and housing projects. Some of us fought for over six years for teeth in the code. I was told it was a “granular issue” that would be handled down the line. A decade later…nope. I find your comment very insensitive. I guess you are unaware of the beautiful museum in Belton that brings many tourists, aka dollar dollar bills. Culture is very important, especially a lost culture. And, considering San Marcos is the oldest neighborhood on the planet, step back Holeman. Regards, LMC


    I have major artifacts on my land, and Lisa Prewitt and crew were more concerned with sidewalks than artifacts. Put that in your peace pipe and smoke it. Bert Lumbreras promised a “shovel test” for all of Belvin. A week later, the first bus stop that NO ONE uses was installed. Two weeks later, the next. A year later they butchered my trees and the official tree butcherer of the city can verify they found items from the early 1900s. Since they put tarps up (an aberration from ALL projects) to cover my ring cameras, who knows what artifacts they found, as most of mine are surface finds. The city is only about glam when it suits their needs. That is my issue.

    But, you are here just for a reaction Holeman, not for substance. Nor action. He’s all reaction, NO action. Never seen you up at city hall. Put your mouth where your keyboard tapping is located. Case closed.

    1. If you believe so deeply in the cause, might I suggest you can do something on your own to prove the value of those artifacts. Tear down your house, pull up the foundation, and let us all see what is buried on those lands. But we both know you won’t be doing that. Your concern isn’t about “artifacts” or history. You just don’t like that San Marcos is growing. Its inconvenient and noisy. So you find some “justice cause” to hide behind in a vain attempt to slow things down.

      Projects like this Indian Museum are things that take place AFTER the basic needs are cared for. Not while the council is having to tap into “rainy day funds” to clean up the predictable effects of neglect.

  3. San Marcos Ive got a wrecking ball scheduled for Saturday for my historic house and a lumberjack to take down these trees older than our Great Nation to comply with yet another morally repugnant attempt at an argument from Holeman. Genuine change is the process of at least trying and if they ignore you, well, it’s not on my soul. Change such as LCD requirements and oversight on tax payer expenses that impact land value and our ecological and cultural treasures. And we implement projects not in a vacuum instead with sound data and citizen input. As a side note: some suggested solutions are already being explored by community leaders regarding emergency back-up generator issues. Toodles.

    1. Public records show that house is recorded to someone else. I’m assuming your parents. Sorry for the loss if it was transferred via will. But inaccurate records tend to cause problems. You might want to get that deed updated.

      And wasn’t a dust up last year regarding the housing of city employees and potential council members?

  4. Oh, and Holeman, in case you were unaware. After an extensive interview, HomePAC endorsed my candidacy in November 2019. So your lines of argumentation are just a fig cookie of your imagination. See you at citizen comments? Bet not. Got actual work to complete, therefore Im not on social media. Some people just have time to waste, I do not.

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