City Of Kyle Issues Kinder Morgan Notice Of Noncompliance Of Noise Violations While Working On Pipeline

KYLE, TEXAS – The City of Kyle has issued a 24-Hour Notice of Noncompliance to Kinder Morgan regarding noise violations while working on the Permian Highway Pipeline. 

According to city staff, they were made aware of the situation by concerned residents that there was loud construction noise from the pipeline project in the area of CR 158 and East Post Road on the night of Aug. 11.  
When contacted, Kinder Morgan representatives confirmed that the pipeline was filled with water, pressure tested, and then the water was forcefully removed, creating the loud noise. Kinder Morgan said they are now drying the pipeline with forced air and this will continue through the weekend — though it should produce less noise.  

Kinder Morgan notified the City regarding the planned construction activity, but the city staff was not made aware of the extent of the noise impacts the project would have.

Kinder Morgan was required to notify residents within 100 feet of impending noise and, according to the company, they have complied with that requirement.  
The work on the Permian Highway Pipeline was permitted by the Texas Railroad Commission and not by the City of Kyle.

However, pipeline construction is still subject to the City of Kyle Noise Ordinance and the Kyle Police Department will be conducting decibel readings at the property line to ensure compliance. If in violation, citations will be issued to the proper entities. 

Kinder Morgan said that they plan to conduct similar pipeline construction activity in the coming weeks on the west side of Interstate 35. 

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