City Of Kyle Launches Citizens On Patrol Program

KYLE, TEXAS – The City of Kyle’s Citizens on Patrol (COP) program officially kicked off on Friday, Jan. 15 with the first active patrol.  

The program works to improve safety in Kyle while also relieving officers in times of need by using specially trained volunteers for certain tasks.  

Members of the COP program are alumni of the Citizens Police Academy (CPA) who underwent additional advanced CPA training to learn how to direct traffic, patrol neighborhoods, maintain command vehicles and generally assist in serving the residents of Kyle.

Program participants must also go through a selection process consisting of a thorough background check, an interview, and additional training.  

“Our COP volunteers are an invaluable resource to our community,” Police Chief Jeff Barnett said. “They provide extra hands when the police department is stretched thin which helps us do our duties more effectively and efficiently, all while providing extra ‘eyes and ears’ to keep the community safe.”  

Residents interested in participating in the Citizens on Patrol program must first complete the Citizens’ Police Academy which is designed for adult who either reside in the City of Kyle or who own a business within the City.

The academy is 10-weeks long, plus a graduation. The next Citizens’ Police Academy is currently set for Fall 2021 but can and will be canceled if a rise in COVID-19 cases occurs.  

“From volunteering for things like traffic control and providing vacation watches to directly serving the community in our neighborhoods and providing support for our officers, the Citizens on Patrol program is a meaningful way to be a part of the community,” COP member Frank Schultz said.  

For more information on the Citizens’ Police Academy or the Citizens on Patrol program, contact Officer James Plant at or go to

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  1. Mask police? Tickets for parking in handicapped spots? Fire lane enforcement?

    Seems like a job for wannabe Karens and Chads.

    Opening the door to defunding the police. Free cops!

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