Commissioners Approve Resolution In Support Of Legislation To Prohibit Billboards On Highways In Hays County

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The Hays County Commissioners Court addressed and considered Racial Profiling Reports for 2018 from local law enforcement and legislation to add several highways in the county to Section 391, Subchapter I of the Texas Transportation Code.  

The court kicked off with the approval and presentation of a donation of hazardous material masks to the Hays County Animal Control Deputies. The masks were donated on behalf of the Hays County Citizen Sheriff’s Academy Alumni Association.

HCCSAAA used fundraising money to purchase the masks for the protection of the deputies in the Animal Control Division of the Hays County Sheriff’s Office.

Commissioners thanked the HCCSAAA for all they do to help ensure the safety of our law enforcement and emergency services.

Commissioners accepted and approved the Hays County Constable Office Pct. 4 2018 Racial Profiling Report and an amended 2018 Racial Profiling Report from the Hays County Sheriff’s office with a vote of 5-0.

The report is required by Senate Bill 1074 of the 76th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature; the bill was amended by House Bill 3389 in the 81st legislative regular sessions.

HB 3389 requires law enforcement agencies to update policies and report “requirements regarding racial profiling and motor vehicle stops and provide for related disciplinary procedures and to establish a civil penalty for a law enforcement agency that fails to submit certain incident-based data to the commission.”

Commissioners considered and approved the adoption of a resolution in support of Rep. Erin Zwiener’s House Bill 1303, which will add several highways in Hays County to a list of roadways where billboards will be prohibited.

The bill will add FM 1826, RM 150 and RM 967 to Section 391, Subchapter 1, of the Transportation Code, which lists certain state highways in Texas in which limitations on off-premise signage exist.

The resolution also supports the filing of additional legislation to restrict off-premise signage on RM 12 from the intersection of Wonder World Drive and Old Ranch Road 12 to the intersection of RM 12 and SH 290 in Dripping Springs, FM 2325, FM 3237 and RM 32.

Commissioner Lon Shell said the legislation would only relate to large commercial signage and would not affect freedom of free speech or the businesses along the listed roads.

Commissioners voted 5-0 to adopt a resolution in support of the legislation.

In other news, commissioners approved an item authorizing the County Judge to execute an application for eligibility to participate in the Texas Facilities Commission Federal Surplus Property Program.

According to Hays County Emergency Services Director, Kharley Smith, the county participates in the program every year, which allows them to purchase military or surplus equipment at a reduced price.

The item passed 5-0.


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