Dogs take life-saving flight in San Marcos to avoid euthanasia

Sierra Martin | Managing Editor

SAN MARCOS – Early morning on Sunday, October 17, 41 dogs boarded a flight from the San Marcos Airport to shelters in Colorado, Utah and Idaho to avoid euthanasia due to shelter overcrowding.

According to a Facebook post by Austin Pet’s Alive! Partnered with nine under-resources shelters across Texas to rescue the 41 pups and give them a second chance at life.

The non-profit organization Dog Is My CoPilot, which transports dogs from overcrowded shelters, flew the dogs to various shelters throughout the day.

According to Dog Is My CoPilot, the dogs went to Animal Friends Alliance, My Second Home Rescue, Paws For Life, Idaho Humane SocietyFreedom Bound Hounds and West Valley Humane Society where homes were waiting.

APA! officials said the dogs received health exams and vaccinations prior to boarding their flights, and stayed in the APA! facility as a “layover” while preparing for their flights to their forever homes.

To help APA! continue life-saving missions, you can donate to the cause:

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