Hays CISD Fires District Employee Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Hays CISD terminated the employment of Communication Specialist David Bowe on July 9, 2020, for engaging in conduct that falls short of district expectations and communication that demonstrates a lack of professional judgment.

The district will continue to cooperate with investigating authorities, including Child Protective Services and the Hays County Sheriff’s Office regarding any potential criminal allegations.

In the role of a communication specialist, Mr. Bowe was an at-will employee. However, because he holds a teaching certificate for Texas, the district will also report this matter to the State Board for Educator Certification for consideration and review.

The district is asking if any student, past or present, has any information that is pertinent to this case, the district encourages them to report it to the Hays County Sheriff’s Office or their local law enforcement agency.

Yesterday, two former Hays CISD students posted comments on Facebook accusing Communication Specialist David Bowe of sexual misconduct.

Read the original story Hays CISD Responds To Sexual Misconduct Accusations Against District Employee.

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