Hays County Appraisal District release preliminary property values

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Hays Central Appraisal District scheduled the mailing of over 110,000 appraisal notices for April 18, 2022. Property owners have the right to appeal actions concerning their property appraisals to the Hays County Appraisal Review Board and the deadline is May 18, 2022.

An appeal can be filed online at www.hayscad.com then selecting the Online Appeal tab, by emailing protest@hayscad.com, or by mail to 21001 N. IH 35, Kyle, Texas 78640. There is also a drop box at the district office for your convenience.

Property tax revenue collected by taxing units is used to provide essential services such as schools, emergency services, firefighting, police, libraries, and much more. Information on the tax rate setting process for each taxing unit will be available starting on August 7th at hays.countytaxrates.com.

The City of San Marcos recently approved a Homestead Exemption for its residents. Even though the exemption is not included in the 2022 Notice of Appraised Value it will be automatically applied to properties that have a qualified homestead exemption for this tax year.

A record number of property transfers occurred during the last year and the values on those transactions were extraordinary.

The pandemic triggered many changes in our world, one being remote work, giving more people the opportunity to live farther from their workplace. Hays County has a rural appeal and is a popular destination with easy access to metropolitan areas.

High demand with limited real estate inventory in our area has contributed to a staggering increase in residential real estate prices, more than 40% in some areas. Traditionally, vacant land shows the largest increase in value and this year is no different. Acreage land values rose upwards of 80% while vacant lots rose more than 95%.

The overall market value of Hays County’s 2022 preliminary appraisal roll rose to $58.86 billion, up 53.27% from $38.41 billion in 2021. Commercial and industrial real property increased in value by 40.86%, up from $3.58 billion in 2021 to $5.05 billion this year. Residential multi-family property grew to $3.66 billion, up 47.20% from last year’s value of $2.49 billion.

Almost 4,000 new homes and 27 new commercial buildings were added to the appraisal roll for 2022. Total new improvements added more than $2.21 billion in taxable value.

See below for a comparison of 2021 and 2022 residential average market and average taxable values:

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  1. Isn’t the Mayor on that appraisal board? Meanwhile, the rest of us are not wealthy and struggling to pay for food, gas, and necessities. What about the Trustees? They are so out of touch with taxpayer spending, yet they tout their progressive ideologies. It is modern-day feudal times. The city council refuses to open a narrative on “affordable housing,” which entails keeping the property taxes at a reasonable rate. Soon their lust for optics will cave in when the public finally says, “we have had enough.”

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