Hays County Commissioners put brakes on appointing new judge

Sierra Martin | Managing Editor

HAYS COUNTY – During Tuesday’s meeting, the Hays County Commissioner’s Court voted to postpone assigning a new judge to fill Judge Millie Thompson’s Hays County Court at Law #3 position following her unanticipated resignation last week

Judge Millie Thompson’s resignation letter

Thompson unexpectedly resigned on Wednesday, May 12, only four months into her position. The Commissioner’s Court anticipates voting on who will take over the role but decided to wait until their next scheduled meeting on June 1 to hold a final vote. 

Although Commissioner Debbie Ingalsbe and guest speaker Don Lyon initially questioned the validity of the resignation letter, which was handwritten with an illegible signature. 

“I saw that handwritten note, allegedly by Millie Thompson, and I noticed the signature,” said Lyon. “It was completely unreadable. And I’m wondering if, with that signature, it was a legal document that she submitted?”

The commissioner’s ultimately voted to approve Thompson’s resignation due to her name printed below the signature.

When the court moved forward to vote on the replacement for Judge of Hays County Court at Law #3, Commissioner Ingalsbe and Judge Becerra mentioned Judge Linda Rodriguez to take over the vacated position. Both Ingalsbe and Becerra voted to approve her appointment, but Commissioner’s Walt Smith, Lon Shell and Mark Jones voted against the motion.

“I would prefer to at least accept resumes for a short period of time, to better understand how many people are interested,” said Shell.

Ultimately the Commissioners decided that although they support Judge Rodriguez to fulfill the position, they would like to allow other applicants to submit their resumes to the court. 

The prerequisite qualifications for the Judge position are as follows, with all resumes submitted by May 28.

Applicant must be:

  • At least 25 years of age
  • A U.S. citizen residing in Hays County at least two years before the appointment
  • Must be a licensed attorney or have served as a judge for the four years preceding appointment
  • Current licensure with the Bar or the State Bar of Texas

According to Hays County Judge Ruben Beccera, the person approved to fulfill the position will be appointed until 2022, the midway point of the initial four-year term. Whoever chooses to run for the position of Court at Law #3 in 2022 will then complete the term Thompson vacated until 2024.

The next scheduled Commissioner Courts Meeting will occur on Tuesday, June 1 at 9 a.m. and live-streamed on their website.

CORRECTION: This story’s title has been corrected. The original version called the position District Judge.


Hays County Judge Millie Thompson unexpectedly resigns

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  1. Hays County deserves the best judge. Accepting resumes is the best option to find the most qualified candidate instead of appointing political buddies. Glad the Republican commissioners took a stand on this!

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