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Hays County opens first all natural birth center

Staff Reports

SAN MARCOS – Local Midwife, Erica Steele, is opening Hays County’s first all-natural birthing center on May 20, 2021. 

Luminary Birth and Wellness Center

For 6 years, Erica Steele has practiced as a licensed professional midwife in the San Marcos/Hays County region under the name Luminary Midwifery.  It has always been her dream to open a center for women to birth naturally in a safe, warm, and welcoming environment.  Her dream came true when a location opened up next door to Christus Santa Rosa Hospital in San Marcos.

Luminary Birth and Wellness Center provides prenatal care, pregnancy tests, gender testing, 2 fabulous birthing suites with beds and tubs, post-partum/nursing care, and more.  Women are able to give birth in water or anywhere else in the space. 

One of Erica’s recent clients, Megan M, had this to say about her experience: “Erica did a great job with my pregnancy and birth! I felt that safety was top priority for both me and my baby and that we received the care and attention needed to ensure a safe delivery. I had a great at home birth experience which was therapeutic and healing for me.”

On Thursday, May 20th, 10am, the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce will host a ribbon cutting ceremony for Luminary Birth and Wellness Center.  Then, from 5pm-8pm there will be an Open House celebration.  Both events are open to everyone in the community.

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