Is Hays County Politics Getting Dirty?

During the Monday night League of Women Votes Debate, Johnson admitted that the mailers were wrong. Corridor News reached out to Johnson and asked him how or why the mistake was made…

Melissa Jewett, Publisher

Recently, Hays County residents received mailed fliers from Chris Johnson, a candidate for County Court at Law Place 2 running against incumbent Judge David Glickler.

The flyer includes a photograph of Judge Glickler’s DWI arrest in 2015 but dates it for May 23, 2015, the “Night of the Memorial Day Floods.” However, according to arrest records, Judge Glickler was arrested on May 26, 2015, around 11:30 p.m. under suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

The original story of the arrest can be read here, and Glickler’s statement and court date coverage can be found here.

During the Monday night League of Women Votes Debate, Johnson admitted that the mailers were wrong.

Corridor News reached out to Johnson and asked him how or why the mistake was made.

“The simple fact of the matter, I should have double or triple checked the mailer before it went out….it was just an error. It got corrected to the 26th on the mailers that will be coming out in the next couple of weeks,” said Johnson. “The date at the top was correct.”

Johnson said he wasn’t sure when the corrected mailers would be sent out to residents.

When asked why residents would receive a second one, Johnson said, “You’ve got to talk to different people at different times; some voters are going to vote early, and some are going to vote later on.”

He continued to say his campaign had already spoken with the early voters; the corrected mailers would be directed at the other groups of voters.   

Political verbiage on mailer Chris Johnson Mailer

David Glickler DWI Arrest
Dashcam Video
May 23, 2015
Night of the Memorial Day Floods


While a typo can be understandably overlooked on a date, there is the question of the six words listed below it. As the Memorial Day floods did take place on May 23, 2015, some of the fliers’ recipients are wondering how the mistake was not noticed during proofing.

Those who live in glass houses……

Currently, Johnson is employed as an Assistant DA in the Hays County DA’s office as a prosecutor under Wes Mau who is also running for re-election.

According to Dallas Justice and San Marcos News Streamz, in May of 2009, Assistant District Attorney Lynn Peach resigned from the DA’s office for “profound philosophical differences.”

Peach realized what she called a “fraud on the court” was happening during a Hays County trial against Shawn Nathan Shipman, a San Marcos resident facing multiple narcotics charges. 

According to reports, Peach testified in open court that San Marcos Detective, Laray Taylor, and Hays County Assistant District Attorney, Chris Johnson, did not contest the informant’s story of being a “concerned citizen” or inform the court of a deal she had made with San Marcos police for information on Shipman.

The confidential informant was successful; in exchange for her information on Shipman, her case was dropped.

Peach testified in open court that a San Marcos Detective had cut a deal with an informant testifying against Shipman in exchange for reduced charges in their own legal problems.

“I thought, ‘Holy smokes, he’s lying,’” Peach said on the stand in response to questions from Shipman’s attorney, David Watts.

Peach revealed the truth about the informant in this case. Shipman was given a new trial. The District Judge in the case, Jack Robison, recused himself; the Hays County District Attorney’s office offered no objection to Shipman’s request for a new trial.

It is unknown whether Johnson was sanctioned by Texas State Bar for this issue.

The other side of the political coin

Corridor News contacted Judge Glickler to ask for a statement about the mailer; as a resident of Hays County and Buda, Glickler received the mailer himself.

“To shrug it off as a typo is incredibly dishonest because it wasn’t just an erroneous date. My opponent photoshopped in the caption ‘Night of the Hays County Memorial Day Floods,’ indicating his clear intent to falsely link my mistake with the worst night in Hays County history. It’s disappointing that someone who claims to have so much honor, integrity, and sense of justice finds it more convenient to justify one lie with another, rather than owning his intentional, misleading attack. And it’s even more concerning, in a day where prosecutorial ethics are under heavy scrutiny, that Mr. Johnson–a career misdemeanor prosecutor–would make overzealous accusations without regard for the truth, for his own political gain.  I am deeply convinced that a candidate for judge should have the integrity to own his mistakes, even when it is difficult to do so, and I speak from experience on this point.”

Source: Dallas Justice


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  1. Chris Johnson, no relation to me thank the Lord, doesn’t care about integrity and following the rules. A “man” so blatantly lying about a difficult time in another man’s life to gain political votes lacks a moral compass. I trust a man who can own up to his mistakes. We cannot trust Chris Johnson, a “man” who heaps one lie on top of another.

    The timing of the mailer was deliberately done inside the 30 day window before the primary election. Chris Johnson knows full well Judge Glickler cannot force a retraction and apology prior to the primary (required under Texas defamation notice prior to a lawsuit).

  2. We can’t trust Glickler to get behind the wheel of a car. A county judge that can’t hear a DWI case or obstructing highway based on his history.

    If talking from experience like he says makes you a better judge then he has more experience in terms of getting arrested.

    Wonder what other experience Glickler has? If some of the rumors are true then based on experience Glickler should run for District judge.

    1. You trust a man who knowingly lies and then lies again in a feeble attempt to cover it up?

      Chris Johnson has made a career in misdemeanor prosecutions while those around him “move up” to felony prosecutions. That says something and it’s not good for Chris Johnson.

    2. I am retired now from Travis County. While there our County Judge – Judge Biscoe was convicted of a DWI. Many folks “demanded” his resignation; many stating he was unfit for office. He owned up to the DWI, sought treatment and counseling and did not resign from office and continued to be a respected official at Travis. We all make mistakes – it is how we handle our mistakes that speaks to true character.

  3. Judge Glickler has been hearing DWI cases his entire time on the bench. And has been able to hear contested DWI matters since a judge ruled in June 2017, that he is able to be fair and impartial in ALL cases.

  4. Pathetic attempt at avoiding the real issue if you want to consider the floods only one day. That was an event that lasted weeks. Other elected officials were helping recovery efforts and searching for missing people. Glickler had an entirely different type of recovery going on. Judges get upset with repeat offenders all the time. Glickler had a second chance but didn’t seem to concerned with it. In actuality Glickler had had more then a second chance. How many chances have you had Dave? How many times have you viewed the bench from the other side where you were looking up at the Judge instead of down on the accused?

  5. So do we ignore the 2009 professional inpropriety made by Johnson leading to an ADA in the Hays County DA’s office to speak out and then resign due to the horrible and legally questionable act committed by Johnson in the Shipman narcotics case and her inability to work in a system that allowed it. Johnson was demoted to the misdemeanor division after only a very few short years of prosecuting felonies. He has very little experience with felonies, but 9 years of stagninacy in the misdemeanors division while other prosecutors have come in and been promoted over him for all these years. Why is that? As an employer, which we voters essentially are to these elected officials, wouldn’t you want to know more about a candidate’s employment history – why they were demoted and why they have no professional progress in nearly a decade? I sure would. Are they complacent in their career? Is mediocrity the best they want to give? I want an employee with a drive that shows and evidence they have something to bring to the table to advance and develop over time, not just tow the line with no personal or professional growth. I would also be leary of a candidate that made a terrible choice to be underhanded, especially in due process. Do you want a judge that has been called out for professional acts in the courtroom that probably should have had him reprimanded by the Bar, if not license suspension. Also, when you look at qualifications between the two candidates, you will notice Johnson is severely lacking in overall and diverse experience, not to mention he lacks the board certification of his opponent. Judge Glickler does not deny the poor choice made the night of May 26, 2015. He has owned it and he is making his reparations. Be careful casting stones around all the glass houses folks. In your entire life have you made a mistake or maybe even the same one more than once, because I can honestly say that I have. I have had complicated things happen in my life that led me to making the same choice twice that was not necessarily the best choice. Should people be given another chance? Can people change? If the answer is no, as Johnson suggests, then I fear how one looks at others that may come before them seeking a chance to rebuild. It sure would be a sad society if you make a mistake and are exiled and disallowed any future opportunities to change and become a better person. If you want to claim an inability to do a job because of one personal mistake, how many companies need to begin a mass firing or refuse to hire people? Johnson’s intentional doctoring of the photo on his extremely trashy flier was not JUST a date mishap as he would have you believe. They intentional nature of it is solidified with the phrase below the date noting “The night of the Hays County Floods”, in order to evoke an emotional outrage by voters and imply that while a natural disaster of unimaginable proportions was taking place the judge was out driving intoxicated. That phrase printed below the doctored and UNOFFICIAL date, made to look like a date stamp, goes to show the intention of the misinforming date placed on it. Is there any other true explanation other than a plain dirty political tactic by an unscrupulous candidate that touts about his Eagle Scout? No, there is not. His only platform is to destroy Glickler’s reputation based on a personal mistake, despite his own grievous professional (in the course of his act of his job as a prosecutor) inpropriety, instead of running on his merits, probably due to the lack of accolades or true accomplishments over his demoted and stagnant career. I would strongly encourage all Hays County voters to be mindful and due your due diligence to research and get to know all candidates in every race before heading to the polling place.

  6. To A NP. Let’s take a look at due dilligence, because you oblviously have not done yours. However, perhaps due dilligence needs to include a records check from other states into Judge Glickler or are we not supposed to talk about that

    Apparently the Shipman controversy was nothing. Unlike a judge with multiple arrests.

  7. I wish it was that simple and factual that I am a staffer. However I am not. I am a voter and a concerned citizen. Just an average “joe”.

  8. Watched the County Commissioners Video from 2/13/18, interesting little tidbit at about the 16:20 + mark. I would encourage others to watch it.

    1. A NP,

      We have a policy to not allow our readers to insert links into comments as they could lead someone to who knows where and they can contain viruses… so thank you for not including the link to the video.

      However, Corridor News will share links that we know personally will not harm our viewers whether they are underage or contain malicious viruses or malware.

      The timestamp mentioned is 16:20 and is only about 10 to 20 seconds long.

      Thank you for reading,
      Your Corridor News Team

  9. In today’s world we call it Fake News. It’s what desperate people like Hillary Clinton try to steer the conversation to instead of always being in damage control mode and having no plan or any business being in office.

    Does Judge Glickler have anything to offer in terms of progress or planning? I only hear apologies and regrets. Those apologies and regrets are just going to have to keep coming because if his true character is revealed and people who know him start to speak out he will run and hide

    1. mj,

      As we stated below we do not allow our readers to include links in their comments due to malware and viruses for other readers safety

      But we do find it interesting that you are trying to post a link from someone who was convicted of DWI and multiple other charges including drugs.

  10. I find it interesting that you wont direct your readers to the story which talks about the faulty analysis of the case. A NP brought up the story and this is a story that refutes what she is saying. You apparently have not read the story.

    Please demonstrate some ethical journalism standards and take your readers to the other side of the story.

    If there is another side of Glickler being drunk for the second time let’s hear it. If there is evidence that contradicts the video let’s see it.

    As journalist why would you not want to share the story about the outcome of that incident with your readers?

    If you comment about the story being of someone being arrested for drugs and DWI and infer it was not credible why was presented to be a valid source in your article when you spoke of Glass Houses.

    It seems more interesting that the story is being told a specific way. Are you afraid to present the other side?

  11. The Glickler Drunk owned up, yet the Johnson Fraud rolls on.

    Gosh, I choose….better still, I’ll just go with Door No. 1.

    “Di di dit – papa oom Mau Mau Mau
    Papa oom Mau Mau
    Di di dit – pa pa pa oom ma ma ma Mau
    Papa oom Mau Mau”

  12. Hey prosecutor Johnson,

    I know of some evidence worthy of state time. If interested you need only review the “work product” contained in your Shipman case file. YOU, are exactly that which you allege to oppose. No wait, I forgot that even a drug addict is capable of sporadic honesty when confronted with the facts of his or her own existence.

    IDEA: Why not first achieve the momentary honesty of junkie? Who knows where it might lead? You might even turn yourself in.

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