Jacob’s Well Elementary Students Explore The Possibilities With Career Day

Jenny Thompson with Tierra Prometida Alpaca Farm in Fischer, Texas enlightens students on a very interesting career.

It’s hard to top an alpaca in the classroom.

Nonetheless, Jacob’s Well Elementary students exploring possibilities for their future were excited to receive firsthand information on some really good careers on Friday, October 11, at their 3rd Annual Career Day.

A police officer, a chef, a judge and yes, an alpaca farmer were among the special visitors for the day.

“I was competing with an ER Doctor, banker, police officer and canine unit so I wasn’t sure if I would be interesting enough for the students, but it turns out they really did seem to enjoy it, ” said Jenny Thompson, Tierra Prometida, Alpaca Ranch Manager, who brought along two alpacas.

“I really enjoyed it and was very impressed with the questions and the perfectly behaved students. Great kids,” she added.

The goal is to bring in as many professionals as possible, who passionately pursue their careers so that it is as fun as it is informational for students.

“Each year the kids just love it! It has been a very valuable experience for them and has helped us address college and career readiness even at the elementary level,” said Sarah Hernandez, JWE Counselor.

On this fun day, students have an opportunity to hear from these guests about their job and the training necessary to launch their careers. Even at a young age, students begin to set goals and think about their future.

“Our hopes are that kids start understanding that school, learning, and goal setting matter so that they can do whatever it is they dream of doing one day,” said Andrea Pope, Jacob’s Well Elementary School Principal.

The JWE students are very grateful for the experience and the interesting ways that the guests share their unique job responsibilities and day-to-day challenges.


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