Letter To The Editor: Monuments And Anarchists

Dear Editor,

Please look at this news article about the removal of Monuments from around the U.S., entitled, “From George Washington to Ulysses S. Grant: Statues, monuments vandalized extend beyond Confederates amid Black Lives Matter protest”.


Obviously, the Leftists are not satisfied with the removal of Confederate monuments. The movement to do so is not “homegrown”, as you know if you have researched the socialist tour supporting Black Lives Matter that recently went through Hays County and Caldwell County.

It has the same demands as protests around the country where historic monuments that celebrated the discovery and founding of our nation are being defaced, beheaded, and toppled, even in cemeteries.

The identity politics involved in demanding the removal of historic monuments is an anti-white racist scam used by anarchists to undermine the American system of government and our Constitution.

It is part of the Marxist playbook for creating chaos and destruction of nations. The U.S. has given more people of every color opportunity and a greater standard of living than any other in the world. That is why people everywhere want to come here.

If the Marxists are successful in the removal the reminders of the history of our nation, they will move on to destroy our churches, private property, and our lives—as they have done around the nation.

It is time to call them out for what they are—anarchists and Marxists—and to say “No” to their demands.

S. Carter
San Marcos

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  1. This letter was so RIGHT ON! We are in GREATER danger to losing the greatest Democracy in history and our representatives are complacent in their COMPLETE lack of fighting this now. God Bless the writer of this letter and your paper for printing it.

  2. Eugene is home to the University of Oregon. Its a college down in a lefty area. Much like San Marcos. So what are the City Council going to allow the PD to do to prevent this from happening here? Are they going to roll back some of those restrictions put in place when the accused our neighbors of having connection weird connection to George Floyd’s death?

  3. These people simply want to get some things out of the way, okay ?

    It’s not like you’re being threatened with a new system.

    Just listen to others and don’t use offensive speech.

    Whenever I have questions, I just call Mano Amiga here in San Marcos.

    Can’t we just all get along ?

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