Local Business Owners Seek Help Identifying Potential Suspect In Theft

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The Owners of Mad Rooster in Wimberley are asking for the community’s help in identifying an individual who may be involved in a recent theft at the store.

Vicky Cox posted on social media a clip of the suspect on social media offering the man the opportunity to come forward and return the money bags he allegedly took from the store’s closet.

According to Cox, a new employee left the closet open accidentally near closing; the incident was reported to local law enforcement.

The video clip that was posted shows the suspect shortly before the theft occurred, which can be seen below.

Hey Wimberely, if you know this man can you please let him know he has until tomorrow to return the money he stole from our Mad Rooster’s store in Wimberley. A new employee left a locked closet open for a moment near closing and this man helped himself to a few money bags. Hays County is on their way to file the report now. I CAN NOT stand a thief. ?? if you need help ask, don’t steal.

Posted by Vicky Cox on Monday, September 7, 2020

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