Local Inn Owner Disapproves of Gumby’s New Location Plans

By Ashley LeBlanc

Gumby’s Pizza is a locally owned business that was started seven years ago, by two brothers and their father, in a strip center at 411 North Guadalupe Street.

They still operate solely out of that location today, and the two brothers, Adam and Forrest Higdon, are hoping to expand soon to a larger spot that includes a bar.

Adam and Forrest bought their dream location at 312 West Hopkins Street about a year ago. The brothers were excited when their new restaurant and bar plans were recently approved by San Marcos’ Planning and Zoning Commissioners 5-to-1.

However, a business owner who owns a B&B that is close to Gumby’s new location wasn’t happy with the news.

Here in San Marcos, we have “one of the largest intact residential historic districts in the state of Texas,” said, owner of the Crystal River Inn, Cathy Dillon.

According to Dillion the Crystal River Inn is located in the Historic District of San Marcos. You might be familiar with the beautifully placed building at 322 West Hopkins Street in the historical district, or as Dillon likes to call it, “an irreplaceable treasure.”

Dillon owns two buildings, one located relatively close to Zelicks Icehouse, a building nicknamed ‘The Thomas House,’ that hosts weddings, events, and overnight guests. They have another building that has the offices of professional tenants.

“There’s the sorority, therapists, attorneys, dentist –you may not realize it’s actually a very stable block and to have a late-night bar and restaurant is going to be a low blow to a lot of people,” said Dillon.

Dillion is gathering a petition to bring the issue up to San Marcos City Council. Her biggest concerns are their request to obtain a liquor license and their plans for late night hours.

“The restaurant [Gumby’s] won’t be closing until 3:30 in the morning,” Dillion said. “And the bottom line is who they appeal to is folks coming there after the bars to eat.”

While Dillon agrees that it’s a great concept, she doesn’t approve the location they have chosen because it is so close to the historical district.

She said her “petition is going to be something along the line of Hopkins Street neighbors,” and so far, she doesn’t have a lot of open supporters.

Meanwhile, Gumby’s has a petition of their own to show San Marcos City Council. Amongst its pizza loving supporters are many girls from the new location’s neighbors, the Alpha Delta Pi sorority house.

Adam and Forrest said they are excited to see the sorority as their new neighbors after seeing how many of them have come to sign their petition. The brothers are only hoping to show City Council the amount of support they have behind their backs with their petition, they said.

“We purchased this building because it’s zoned for high-intensity use,” Forrest said. “We’re only looking for a restaurant permit, not a full bar permit.”

“We are the epitome of a family business,” said Adam. He has a lot of hope for their future. “We have been a business for 7 years and have 70 employees…we will have new job positions and even 3 new job titles. We’re just trying to grow and become a great local establishment.”

Adam said he and Forrest want to expand and grow from a small pizza place to be a well-known locally owned business; the brothers intend to call the new location home for the next 30 years or so.

“The biggest change is we’re increasing our kitchen, refrigeration, and storage space, and making everything by hand…that’s what this move is really about for us, and it’s unfortunate that they’re only focusing on one thing,” Adam said.

To show your support for Gumby’s new location you can stop by their current location to sign their petition.

Dillon has sent a request for an appeal to the City of San Marcos’ Planning and Zoning Development Service’s decision to approve Gumby’s new location 5-to-1. The decision has been appealed and now both parties are asking for those in favor to come out and support them at City Hall on February 7 at 5:30 p.m.

[gview file=”http://smcorridornews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Gumbys-Appeal-from-Cathy-Dillion.pdf”]


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  1. Too bad she lied about being in the historical district, and how many properties she owns. She can’t open her mouth and speak the truth ever.

  2. The Crystal River Inn, isn’t even in the Historic District!! Where does this woman get off on lying so that she can get her way? SAD!
    It’s sounds like they’re just a restaurant trying to serve alcohol. It doesn’t sound like they’re aiming to be a bar at all. I can’t believe some people will go to such great lengths to tarnish a restaurant that’s been a great asset to the community.
    There are so many good examples of Gumby’s giving back to the community!
    What has Cathy Dillon ever done, but serve herself?? Cathy needs to stop dragging this business through the mud, and wash off the shit from her hands. Have some class…

  3. Cathy Dillon is trying to preserve the historic neighborhoods in San Marcos which surround her B+B business on Hopkins. Just want to let you know who she is since you obviously don’t know.
    1. Operated the Crystal River Inn for 33 years and introduced many people to our town.
    2. Heritage Association past president and Home Tour chair at least 8 times raising over $50,000 for historic preservation in San Marcos.
    3. Mother to 3 adopted children, including 2 orphans from Russia.
    4. Conceived, chaired, fund-raised and helped build the Children’s Park Playscape structure near Rio Vista in 1992, organizing 6000 volunteers in the process.
    5. Drove to New Orleans and brought back several families who needed to escape Hurricane Katrina’s devastation, offered them housing and jobs until they were ready to go back home.
    6. Inducted into 1992 San Marcos Women’s Hall of Fame for community endeavors.
    7. Volunteers tirelessly to promote San Marcos and make our community better for all.

    She deserves respect on more levels than most will ever know. So, what’s in your wallet?

    1. No part of that block is part of the historic district. Besides, doesn’t Cathy already sell alcohol out of her own establishment? Why is it OK for her but not for anyone else? It seems to me that she’s more interested in squashing competition than anything else. Well, anything except possibly good old fashioned elitism.

  4. Hey man, the City Council rejected Gumby’s booze plan. They just don’t get it!

    See, Gumby’s was just gonna sell booze to the good guys, and if one
    of their customers wanted to get drunk and be somebody, Gumby’s
    would make sure they don’t do it on Gumby’s property.

    Their motto: “Here’s The Booze, And There’s The Door!”

    That “nurse” at the B&B will never understand what the rest of us have known for years, namely that booze cures a lot of unknown happiness.

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