Local Republican Organizes Rally In Response To San Marcos City Council Member’s Comments

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On Saturday, local republicans held a rally in San Marcos to show support for President Donald Trump.

Martha Doss, a local republican and naturalized citizen, said she organized the event in less than two weeks in response to “nasty” comments made by a local city council member on twitter.

In a tweet on Oct. 13, Dr. Joca Marquez said, “Dear Latinos for Trump/MAGA, I blame our public-school system and the general lack of opportunity for your ignorance. You’ve internalized whiteness from a system that was meant to oppress you, assimilate you, rob you of your culture, language and identity. Por Favor (Please) wake up!”

*NOTE: The tweet can no longer be found on Marquez’s feed.

Doss said she hadn’t contacted the media prior to the event because she was afraid of “anti-fascists” showing up, but she just had enough of being silent.

Below is a video clip of Doss’s full speech at the rally addressing Dr. Marquez’s comments and speaking up about her fears in today’s political environment.

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  1. The comments by Joca Marquez are exactly the kind of comments that the vocal hispanics in San Marcos have deemed as racist from other individuals. It is disturbing to see an elected official continually make racist remarks from the dias as well as her social media and is not called out for it. I was vilified for RETWEETING (sharing) others information and the antifa locals called me a racist and passed resolutions about ‘hate speech’. What a joke! They are the racist and they are the ones who violate their own resolutions and oaths of office! Joca Marquez should be censured by city council for her racist comments. She attacks individuals instead of attacking policies and making the changes she committed to making to helping the low income families she said she ran for. She has the audacity to tweet from her 300K home and benefiting from the free market but condemning others for doing the same thing she does! Shame on her.

  2. I see Dr. Marquez PhD’s point, but would take it a step further. If school equals ignorance, would it be safe to say that the person with the most school would be the most ignorant?

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