Meet The Gary Job Corps’ 2019 Management Staff

Meet The Gary Job Corps’ 2019 Management Staff

Job Corps is a no-cost education and career technical training program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor that helps young people ages 16 to 24 improve the quality of their lives through career technical and academic training.

The Job Corps program is authorized by Title I-C of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (supersedes WIA 1998). For more information about the Job Corps program at a national level, please visit our Official Public Web Site.

Gary Job Corps’ 2019 Management Staff

In preparation for the first class of 2019 the Gary Job Corps management staff met to ensure a successful and productive year for the students.  Gary students start up classes on January 8. 

Gary Job Corps is a federally funded program that  trains over 1300 young men and women over the 800 acre campus in vocational and academic students. 

Pictured is the Gary management staff, Leiver Avila, Food Service Supervisor, Candy Bagley, Principal, Nasari Baryali, Residential Counseling Manager, Jason Brinlee, Director Finance & Administration, Christopher Buerger, Academic Manager, Dawn Burton, Purchasing Manager, Michael Fergins, Residential Supervisor, Pamela Brown, Food Service Manager, Grace Garcia, Health and Support Manager, Rachel Garnes, Data Integrity Administrator, Hoddar Gharib, Academic Supervisor, Reggie Gilliam, Safety and Security Manager, Randolph Goodman, Business Community Liaison, Moaaz Khan, Property Manager, Linda Kindred, Career Preparation Manager, James Lee, Center Duty Officer, Craig Marks, Safety and Security Administrator, Rafael Marzan, Deputy Director, Rhea Medina-Viernes, Director Education and Training, Jessie Mojica, Maintenance Supervisor, Crystal Murray, Counseling Manager, Felicia Netherly, Human Resources Manager, Barbara Pitts, Recreation Supervisor, Tiffany Powell, IT Manager, Booker Presley, Trainee Life Director, Mary Presley, Records Manager, Susanne Ritter, Career Transition Readiness Manager, Christopher Roff, Trainee Support Director, Michael Sanchez, Center Standards and Incentives Manager, Nicole Sanchez, Data Integrity Administrator, Lovie Scott, Residential Supervisor, Stephanie Soileau, Health and Wellness Administrator, John Tankersley, Maintenance Manager, Scott Ullmann, Residential Counseling Manager, Melissa Valdez, Construction and Manufacturing Manager, Todd Watson, Recreation Supervisor, Susan Weber, Accounting Manager, Bradley Wheeler, Transportation Supervisor, Tonya Whetstone, Center Duty Supervisor, Christina Widish, Food Service Supervisor, Chuck Wolfe, Housing Supervisor, and Patty Lankford, Center Director.  Happy New Year 2019, doing and being the Best for Gary Job Corps.


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