NEW Zika Info + National Immunization Awareness Month

It is a month that reminds people that it is almost time to go back to school, which means it is time for children to receive their required school vaccinations. But it also serves as a reminder that vaccinations are not just for children. Several diseases that adults can acquire such as Influenza, Tetanus, and Pertussis can be prevented by a simple vaccination.


Vaccines are one of the most significant public health achievements of all time. Prior to the availability of vaccines, diseases such as polio and smallpox were common illnesses that impacted the lives of millions leading to lifelong disabilities or all too often, death. Now, thanks to effective vaccines, there are no reported cases of Polio in the United States, and smallpox has been completely eliminated throughout the world.


Many other countries do not have access to vaccines though. Polio, measles, hepatitis, and other diseases still devastate many populations around the world. Here in the U.S. we are very fortunate that the effectiveness of immunizations have worked so well, that is has allowed people to question if vaccinating is even necessary. But if we stop vaccinating, we will see a resurgence of vaccine preventable diseases here in America. In today’s travel heavy society, a vaccine preventable disease could be boarding a plane right now and heading to our community at 600 mph.  This is why it is important to vaccinate completely and vaccinate for life!
Texas Vaccine for Children Program (TVFC)

Health Care Providers, did you know you can get FREE vaccine for your qualifying patients? Those without insurance, on Medicaid, or in the CHIP program can receive their immunizations from you, through this State program. In addition, your staff receives personalized guidance from our TVFC coordinator, Amelia Flores, regarding immunization up-dates, vaccine storage, and rotating stock. She will visit your clinic and get you set up! If interested, please contact Amelia @ (512) 393-5539 or email her at

What a great idea! Everyone should be on it! It’s available for children and adults. It’s free and secure. It’s accessible from provider to provider.

For more information and assistance with setting up this valuable tracking system contact:

Josie Gonzales 512-393-5574 Elsira S. De Leon 512-393-5575
Epidemiology Corner

Question To Ask This Summer

  • Preventive Measures – What Am I doing/can I do to effectively protect myself, my family members, and my community from getting mosquito bites daily?
  • Pregnancy – Do I know anyone (including myself) who is trying to become pregnant, or is currently pregnant, that may need additional information about ways to protect against Zika keep in mind both females and males)?
  • Travel Plans – Do I know which countries currently have local Zika transmission? Will I be traveling (or do I know anyone else that may be traveling) to an area with active Zika Transmission?

Guidance From The CDC:

  • Women with Zika virus infection should wait until at least 8 weeks after symptom onset before attempting conception
  • Men who have a diagnosis of Zika virus infection should wait at least 6 months after system onset before attempting conception (if you think you’ve been exposed but haven’t yet received confirmatory lab result, then wait at least 8 weeks before attempting conception)
  • After returning from an area with active Zika transmission, avoid mosquito bites and sexual transmission of Zika virus for 3 weeks

Reportable Conditions Update

Please fax reportable conditions to 512-393-5530 Attention “Office of Epidemiology”


(Texas Administrative Code)

(Health Department Information 


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