UPDATED: PEC Crews Make Significant Progress Restoring Power

UPDATE 10:15 AM: PEC reports they have restored service to 99% of their customers. Anyone still experience an outage is asked to report it by calling them at 888-883-3379 or via pec.smarthub.coop.

JOHNSON CITY, Texas — Due to the work of PEC line crews and other employees, there has been significant progress in addressing power outages across the PEC service territory.

Some members remain without power, but PEC is working as quickly as possible to restore power to their members.

PEC’s outage map is back online, and available at pec.coop.

When the winter event began and ERCOT ordered rotating service interruptions, PEC members were reporting outages caused by the service interruptions as well as outages caused by the winter weather.

This caused an extremely large increase in reported outages, which, in turn, triggered the outage map to become inaccurate.

At this time, ERCOT has suspended rotating service interruptions. However, if conditions change, the outages could resume.

Should the ERCOT-directed service interruptions resume, PEC members are asked not to report outages unless it lasts longer than an hour and a half.

All other outages not related to an ERCOT-directed service interruption can be reported at 888-883-3379 or via pec.smarthub.coop.

PEC has developed a list of answers to questions received from members during this event.

Read the complete list of FAQs at pec.coop; check the PEC website and PEC social media channels for the latest updates.

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