San Marcos City Council increases property tax rate

Sierra Martin | Managing Editor

SAN MARCOS — On Tuesday, August 17, the San Marcos City Council voted to approve the proposed maximum property tax rate to $0.6030 cents per $100 taxable value for further discussion.

The resolution set a proposed maximum tax rate, the council may ultimately adopt a tax rate lower than the one discussed in the meeting. Community members can voice their input before the finalized tax rate is voted on during the September 21 meeting.

“I would hope that we could land people’s taxes on their homes as close to the day when they purchased the home because they were approved at that time by the lender to be able to afford the taxes and everything else,” said council member Shane Scott. “Every time you raise these taxes, you take them beyond what they were actually approved for and put a burden on them.”

The Tax Rate scenario at $0.6030 for a tax value of $200,000 would be a tax amount of $100.50 a month. The No-New-Revenue Rate of $0.6999 for a tax value of $200,000 would be $116.65 a month.

The proposed tax rate was approved 5-2 with council members Shane Scott and Saul Gonzales voting against it.

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  1. Mean while the city manger Bert Lumbreras just got a pay increase rubber stamped by the city council….to pay for the new property tax rate?

  2. Buda at $0.3423/ Kyle at $0.5201/ Seguin at $.5247/ New Braunfels at $. 483194/ Austin at $0.5542
    and San Marcos proposed rate increased to $0.6030.
    I believe its time for the tax payers to raise some questions on the cities budget!

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