San Marcos City Council to discuss homeless ban, increasing property tax and more

Sierra Martin | Managing Editor

SAN MARCOS – On Tuesday, September 21 the San Marcos City Council will meet to discuss several agenda items including increasing water and utility rates, increasing the city’s property tax rate, and not allowing homeless camps or panhandling in city limits.

Other issues discussed by the council include allocating funding to improvements to the Dunbar historic district and filling Ethics Review Commission vacancies.

Councilmembers will discuss not allowing the homeless to camp out or panhandle in San Marcos City Limits and how the San Marcos Police Department would enforce the rule.

On the San Marcos City Council message board, a response to questions asked by council member Melissa Derrick was provided by Chief of Police Stan Standridge and Director of Public Safety Chase Stapp. According to the post, the discussion item was requested by Councilman Shane Scott and Councilman Saul Gonzales.

“Collaboration with private property owners is a key component of managing homelessness in a community,” Standbridge and Stapp said. “However, we have to recognize that any abrupt change in policy that displaces a large number of people will only serve to move the problem around. For that reason, staff would only recommend a change in how we partner with private property owners as part of a more global approach that would take place after the comprehensive needs assessment is complete.”

The San Marcos City Council will discuss increasing the rates of water, wastewater treatment, electric utility services, drainage and solid waste programs for city residents.

Council members will once again discuss and hold a public hearing on setting the Tax Rate for the 2021 Tax Year at 60.30 cents on each $100 of the taxable value of real property.

Council members will also consider approving a one-year extension to the funding agreement with the Hays County Family Justice Center. The funding would provide support to victims of violent crime and domestic violence in the amount of $45,000 and authorizing one additional annual renewal of $45,000 for a total contract amount of $135,000.

Another agenda item is to consider approval to advance the Dunbar Utility Improvements Project to the final design and construction phase in the estimated amount of $406,202. Council members will also consider accepting the award of the National Park Service’s Underrepresented Community Grant (UCG) in the amount of $30,000 to provide for consultant services to complete historical surveys of the Calaboose African American Building, the Ulysses Cephas House and the Dunbar School Building.


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  1. OK folks
    Let’s be sure we are clear.
    Council will vote to raise city tax rate to the max allowed by law.
    Council will justify to raise the wastewater rates.
    Council will justify to raise the the water rates.
    Council will justify to raise the dainage and solid rates.
    Did we just raise these rates 2 years ago? Are all these rates now some of the highest in central Tx ?
    Coucil’s email is availible on the city website if anyone had questions or questions these actions.

    1. Dear Colonel Travis (aka Lee) :

      Which of the bold “folks” are you addressing? The ones wearing the masks?
      You won’t raise an army with words. Do it with a RICO action in the federal court.
      Or else put your pitchfork down. It’s been owed by jillions of wannabe users.
      All of the past, present and future local candidates here know this. That’s why they
      angle for the acceptance of their own masters–that’s why their problems are your own.
      It’s for “your own safety” Lee, you just haven’t gotten your wallet properly positioned.

    2. And haven’t property values risen by greater than 16% in the past year(or more) if not more. That alone should provide a hefty increase in revenue. there will never be enough when you spend other people’s money .

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