UPDATED: San Marcos City Manager, Bert Lumbreras announces retirement

Sierra Martin | Managing Editor

SAN MARCOS – On September 8, 2021, San Marcos City Manager Bert Lumbreras announced his retirement and leave effective January 31, 2022. Lumbreras formally notified members of the San Marcos City Council during their regular meeting on Tuesday, September 7, 2021. 

Lumbreras has served as the San Marcos City Manager since August 2017 but has worked in city management for forty years.

City Manager Bert Lumbreras. Photo credited to the City of San Marcos.

Previously, he served as Assistant City Manager for the City of Waco and as City Manager in the cities of Uvalde, Alamo, Floresville, and Dilley.

According to the letter announcing his leave sent to the San Marcos mayor and city council, Lumbreras is proud of what he has accomplished in such a short amount of time working for the city.

“It certainly has not been easy but even when tested in every case, our staff has more than risen to the challenge and that is all I have asked,” Lumbreras wrote.

Some of the initiatives he cites his team as accomplishing while the city manager include approving $32 million in bond projects, adopting multiple master plans for the city and fostering economic development.

Lumbreras holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Texas State University and is has earned the designation of Credentialed Manager from the International City/County Management Association.

“I chose city management in my freshman year of college with the intention of making a difference,” said Lumbreras. “It is only befitting I finish out my career 40 years later in a city we have loved for many years and the home of my alma mater.”

In their upcoming regular meeting scheduled for September 21, Council will discuss moving forward with the search process for a new city manager.

For more information, contact the City Manager’s Office at 512.393.8101.


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  1. ‘A heavy heart’ — or merely the anxiety which normally precedes indictment for aggravated perjury, obstruction and tampering? The symptoms are nearly identical

    We’ve heard there’s no cardiological aspect to this matter, Bert. You simply need a good juris doctor. Make sure he’s certified in 18 USC 1962.

  2. “…given our best with so very little” the highest paid city manger who lives in a gated community who has raised property taxes, utility rates, excess waste, horrible evaluation from the city council, continually requested raises, hired three assistant city mangers when we once had ONE, and has a statistically significant situation compared to the last three city managers in number of retired, terminated, resigned city staff. Stay tuned San Marcos and ill show you all this via documentation. PLUS the records of his work days showing up to city hall ONE day over a period of AT LEAST SIX MONTHS, and how he stopped keeping track of his work days after my Open Records. Ill show you his calendar where he had lunch with a city manager of San Marcos once terminated who deals in bond ratings. You know I have the goods and have been data gathering for months.

  3. Correction: ONE day a month over a period of SIX months when he expected his underlings to attend city hall in person during pandemic. Lead by example….?? Pffftt not on Emperor Bert Lumbreras’ watch. Ill show you the nasty letter he sent to the Downtown Parking Board slapping their hands for thinking out of the box. How dare a group of experts in the field come up with innovate solutions for parking and not bow down to the Bert. Ive got the goods and gonna give it to YOU!

  4. Maybe I just haven’t read a whole lot of “I’m outta here” letters, but this read more like a resume than a resignation.

  5. “Extensive traveling, take on new hobbies and volunteer.” Weepy frail woman that I am, can’t imagine our city without him–does low security federal prison allow videoconferencing necessary to the peaceful transition of morbidly corrupt local governmental powers–one ‘manager’ to another. Hello, is this Jared Miller? yeah…I’ve got Bert on the line, standby.

  6. LMC,
    ” The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
    Your efforts are much appreciated.

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