San Marcos Main Street Program Names Lions Club Tube Rental Partner Of The Month

The San Marcos Main Street Program is proud to announce the San Marcos Lions Club Tube Rental as the July  “Downtown Partner of the Month.”

The business, now located in a stand-alone building in City Park, dates back to the 1970s when it operated from the back of a cattle truck.

The San Marcos Lions Club Tube Rental is a fundraising project of the San Marcos Lions Club, which donates 100 percent of profits to local charities and educational opportunities.

The tubing operation rents out an average of 800 tubes per day during the summer.

“Big congratulations to the Lions Club Tube Rental for winning the July Downtown Partner of the Month award,” said Interim Main Street Manager Josie Falletta. “Last year, their donations in excess of $300,000 to more than 100 charities and individuals in the San Marcos area were invaluable to our community.”

The Lions Club Tube Rental is located at 170 Charles Austin Drive. Business hours are 10 AM to 7 PM daily, with extended hours on Thursdays until 8 PM.

Their 2019 season will run through Aug. 25, and then will consist of weekends only throughout September.

To nominate an organization or group that qualifies as a Downtown Partner of the Month based on Main Street’s criteria below, or to receive more information, email


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  1. This club makes $300,000 profit off of OUR property per year, and makes itself judge in charge of giving away OUR monies to whoever it chooses?

    This is OUR property, owned by the PEOPLE, and surely OUR government is capable by means of volunteers and paid staff for operating this very lucrative location whose immense profits should be rationed out by publicly appointed committee, and NOT by private club members operating under cover of a “non-profit” organization.

    This “club” as king-maker is reaching a dangerous level of privately held power. BEWARE.

  2. Unfortunately if it were in our governments hands it would most likely loose money with the bureaucracy of the city and the new hires it would take to run it.
    If it was run by the gov’t and did run a surplus most likely it would go back into the general fund and we would have no idea who got what.
    So I would say over the years the Lions Club has been an excellent choice in an agency to take care of this.
    With them doing a great job and welcoming visitors and locals alike to the river. Also in that they basically send all the surplus monies made back into the community through donations.
    If you know of a group or person that you want to be considered contact the Lions Club and give them that info.

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